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X-Men the real ending

X-Men3.jpgSo everyone's excited today about the final scene of X-Men: The Last Stand, the one at the end of the credits - see the review written on Monday for the very advice, stay until the end. There's so much talk about what this does to the story, except it's not the big surprise at the end of the movie.

Sure it's dropped in at the end of the credits and gives us a surprise, but it's nothing in respect of the revelation of the final scene before the credits.

There's no way to avoid this so I'm going to talk about this in the full article. This means the rest of the story will contain the full written explanations of both endings, note that these are huge spoilers, mammoth film killer spoilers.

Here goes, last warning for total X-Men 3 spoilers. Do not click through or read any further if you haven't yet seen the film...

Okay, so if you're this far you've either seen the film or don't want to see it. Here's the surprise in the scene at the end of the credits.

As the credits roll we know who is dead, we've already seen him die horribly, albeit with a smile on his face. During the film Xavier talked about transferring brain patterns, or consciousness, from one person into the mind of someone born with none. This is the person we see lying in a hospital bed in a coma that at the end of the film after the credits. The Doctor attends to the patient and hears Xavier's voice greeting her as the patient turns his head to her. He's alive.

That's the end. Surprise Xavier is alive. Sure, that's a surprise and it's well done because Ratner sneaks that earlier scene in so well you don't think it's connected.

However, this is just the surprise that a character you thought was dead wasn't, and anyway the whole film has just gone to show that he's not that important as we would have though as the rest of the X-Men managed quite well without him. After all, together they brought down his killer.

No, the real big surprise is that the Mutant cure just doesn't work. Although we see many Mutants shot and cured, including Rogue, Mystique and Magneto himself, the last scene of Magneto playing chess shows us the failing.

He raises his hand to a metal chess piece and waves his fingers gently, and ever so slightly the chess piece moves. Credits.

Now that's the big revelation of the piece, and it's alluded to in the film itself. The Mutant who is used to harvest the cure has the power to nullify any other Mutants powers who are within close proximity, and the Doctor looking after him hints that they haven't narrowed down the gene yet.

So what's the bigger surprise? Xavier is still alive, or that the underlying thread of the entire film, the Mutant gene cure, doesn't work and that all those who voluntarily took it or were shot with it will soon return to be Mutants?

For me the Magneto scene is the killer final scene and had me audibly expressing my approval, not the Xavier is alive moment after the credits, although that is very good itself.

What are your thoughts now you've seen it?



Hey Richard, nice article.

Went to see X3 last night and I must say I did enjoy it although I was left wanting a little more. The film was just too damn short to do justice to all the mutants. For me, an extended edition is a must. Angel was one character I was really looking forward to but he had SO little screen time. So too did Jean Grey, especially for "the central character" to the picture.

I am most definitely with you as regards expressing your approval for Magneto moving the chess piece. It's amazing how one little "move" of a chess piece can make one so happy!

The two pillars on which the entire X-Men franchise has been built are Professor X and Magneto. Without them, I don't think the films could exist.

However, despite seeing Magneto still having his powers and my mind immediately racing through all the possible permutations and combinations of having Rogue, Mystique and Magneto back to their lovable mutant-selves, I felt that it still couldn't work. Not without Xavier. Not a chance!

But after staying until the end of the credits, HELL YEAH! I was delighted to see Charles Xavier still alive. Without that, I don't think an X-Men 4 could have been possible. Now it most certainly is.

I take your argument that the X-Men succeeded in defeating the Brotherhood without Xavier, but not without his previous guidance could they have done so. Professor X is the voice of reason within the X-Men, he is THE essential character for the good guys.

Back to the main question.... which was the "real ending" of X-Men : The Last Stand?
I'd honestly have to say that without one, the other wouldn't have been as striking. They both go hand-in-hand and together make a good and satisfactory ending to the picture.

Well said Spidery1703, they do go hand in hand. The real ending is the combination of both.

I was very unimpressed with Angel in the film, and character wise there was too little of the Grey-Pheonix fight, although action and effects wise there was loads...if you get my drift.

X-Men 4 will definitely be on the way, but only after the two spin-offs have had their way.

I am so glad I stayed just as you advised, and for some reason, I guess because I am close to the procesa of mutation, I sensed it had something to do with Prof X. And that earlier scene showing Dr. Moira MacTaggart really gave it away for me that I will see this scene again, and how sneaky of them to! It worked perfectly, shame on those who missed it!

Although saying that, that final scene in the park with Magneto playing chess on his own leaves so much to the imagination I cant believe how this film was done really well. I thought it was really good entertainment. Its highly emotional but that's justified as we see the X-men dwindling in numbers. So yeah bring on the planned spin-offs and then do a 4th!

Hey Rich, even in the comics, Angel didnt do much, and I thought they could have polished it effects-wise when Phoenix did her thing in the end, but these are my minor gripes, overall I truly enjoyed it and wouldnt mind seeing it one more time.

I'll make this quick.
Theory of the "cure"
The cure does nto work on higher level mutants because leech's body and pwoer is not strong enough because he is at a young stage. Therefore it never affected magneto greatly. Also remember four cure shots where needed to bring down magneto...does wolverine know something we dont?

I agree with the fact that x-men would cease to exist if Xavier was dead...

In that moment, when magneto is slowly moving his hand towards the king, & before the chess piece began to vibrate, I wondered who is known to always play chess with him? Also a possible check mate? why it's Xavier of course!!! Well maybe not, but it feels good to think so, & I could be right!!!

I missed the Xavier scene. Seriously, can't they give a warning, or something?

About the Magneto scene, while it is interesting, the way it was done was cheesy. You know, he raises his hand, moves the chess piece and BINGO! The credits roll. It's been done to death already.

Perhaps they should've allowed Sir Ian McKellen to utilize his immense acting prowess and spent a minute with Magneto coming to realise the presence of some of his powers. Display confusion, then shock, and then ecstasy. It wouldn't have been difficult with an exceptional actor as McKellen, and would've only taken a minute. It wasn't a long movie, so no complaints there.

I think that the last scene (end credits) points to the x-men prequel.

The doctor clearly recognized Charles and even said his name "Charles?" perhaps this is where charles was crippled?

How did the Dr. recognize it was Charles? Who is this Doctor?

Dave, the Doctor is the one you see earlier in the video clip that Xavier plays for the kids at the school.

I get the idea though, this could be for a prequel. However I think it is more as a way to keep him alive for the next movie.

Hey Prof Y. I think playing the scene like that would have drawn it out too long. Short and sharp was all the ending needed.

Dave, that is Doctor Moira MacTaggert, a Scottish geneticist, she was also a lover of Xavier at one point and they have worked together very closely, as she is one of the secret founders of Xavier's school although she is not a mutant.

Professor Y, in response to your comment regarding the cutting to the credits of X-Men 3, that is exactly what made the scene so great.

I was simultaneously shouting "YES!" and "NO!" within. The "yes" was because Magneto is still Magneto, the "no" was damn it I want more!

I dare anyone to say that they weren't almost exploding with anticipation for the next installment after that!

another unanswered thing is wheter pyro, pyclops or juggernaught are alive. I can see pyclops being dead but pyro was just knocked unconcios, as was juggernaught.i know that the island that they were on was nearly dead itself but they could escape possibly.also nobody said that psyclops was even dead, its just a thought with a lot of supporting evidence. I wish Gambit was in it but am glad that nightcrawler wasnt in it.

Thanks Richard and Simone.

I definitley think it points to the prequel. Especially with what you guys confirmed. Professor X was evaporated to ashes and the last person he looked at was Wolverine with a jean greyish smirk on his face.
Very weird.

If this dr and professor x were involved there's no doubt in my mind this was a scene from the prequel.

The ending with Magneto moving the chess piece definitley points to another sequel (hopefully another trilogy) So I think there was a dual purpose in the movies ending and then the revelation after the credits.

I have a sweet copy of the movie on DIVX in full stereo, (ends with magneto, no credits:(
gonna watch it again and again.

High points of the movie for me were when Wolverine and Storm are sort of putting the team together and then Bobby comes, he gives Bobby a speech about being ready then says, we stand together as X-men!
That was definitley cool. The core of the team right there. Their mobilization to the front line of the battle (mutants and soldiers) was fantastic.
Wolverine shouting "Hold The Line" was awesome.
Magneto backing down Pyro was a great build up, you just knew him and Iceman were going to battle.

The absolute best parts of the film were definitley all the Phoenix scenes. First of all, she's so damn hot (speaking in terms of her looks as well as literally)

That spanish girl (the fast one) that storm electrocuted was cute too. Storm, beautiful as always. Her flying scenes were better than her fighting scenes though (love the spin move she used in flight for one of the scenes).

Most moving moment of the film; definitley Charles Xavier levitated and trying to reach jean, seeing his skin and clothing burning and then finally ash.
The moment after with Storm and Wolverine going into the room and seeing the empty chair, with wolverine falling to his knees crying and storm holding him definitley moved me (and I have never been emotional in any action flick; lol)
I was as motionless as everyone else in the funeral scene. The movie theatre was in absolute silence, you couldn't hear anyone breathing or moving about in their chairs.

Great movie! I had a wonderful outting.


Dave The One

Just saw the movie again, and saw the scene in the movie when charles is explaining the abuse of power to his students.
On screen is dr. moira mctaggart and a braindead person. Moira says "The man you see hear was born with no higher level brain functions, his organs and nervous system work, but he has no consciousness to speak of" Charles adds "now what if we were to transfer the consciousness of one person, say, the father of four with terminal cancer into the body of this man, how are we to decide what falls within the range of ethical behavior and what...............he stops suddenly as if frozen in front of the entire class. He then says "class dismissed"
The next scene is with Storm.
He speaks with Storm and tells her he's thought of her taking his place one day. She mentions scott and he immediatley cuts her off and states that "Scott's a changed man, he took jeans death so hard" and he says, "You of all people know how fast the weather can change." Storm says "There's something your not telling us"

So I don't think this sets up a prequel. He has indeed transferred to this body somehow and communicates with moira.

In the death scene with Jean and Professor X, time seems to be frozen (it could just be the hollywood effect)and at this point you don't know if it's jean doing it or if it is the professor, the last words he says are "Dont let it control you" the professor turns and looks at wolverine, smiles, you hear Magneto shout "Charles!!!!" professor x then perishes as he's smiling at wolverine.
Could this have been the professors will? Was it he that caused himself to perish, after all he has transferred his consciousness to a person born with no brain functions (who has clearly managed to age into a man)
It's strange how wolverine (and magneto)are the only ones to witness this event (xavier perishing)
Wolverine is also the one to end up killing jean; what leads up to that is that wolverine is haunted/tormented by jean as he's visiting professor x's grave.

Ok; it's all out of my system now, I guess it's time for us to wait for some sort of announcement about the wolverine story and x-men 4.

well i have read everyones takes on the movie and pretty much agree. the one thing i have seemed to notice and no one brings up is the fall out of Mystique and Magneto if your a true Xmen fan you should of all picked up on what the signifies. Mystique in the comics goes on her own after leaveing the brotherhood and begins to look for the 1st original mutant not to mention the most powerful mutant to ever walk the earth. so here goes will x men 4 be the rise of Apocalypse ? i sure as hell hope so.

Nice to see many X-Men fans over here!

Youre welcome Dave. Hey, how many times have you seen the film eh?

Edog, funny you mentioned about Mystique, but I have been mulling over that but justs didnt say it out loud- I thought you can read my thoughts. *winks*

Edog, let's remember that in the comic's Mystique was the leader of the NEW Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. I don't recall her ever having any connection with Magneto who was the leader of the original Brotherhood?

In the comics the New Brotherhood did evolve into the Government Sanctioned "Freedom Force". Perhaps a more likely movie scenario is that Mystique ends up working for the US Goverment.

The other thing is the introduction of Angel who also helps Mystique with trying to find the tomb of Apocalypse and in return after freeing him Angel gets his metal wings and becomes ArchAngel. so maybe just maybe we will get the Apocalypse holywood has the technology to make him. one other thing there was no mention that the Jugernaut is professor X's half brother.

Hey Morbius is here! Finally!!! You alright Charles??? *winks* You have to get out of my head Professor!!!


+++Jean Grey+++

Sorry I am late Jean, didn't see the film till Sunday Night and was away most of yesterday.

Edog, I was a big X-Factor fan back in the day so loved all that Apocalypse/Arcangel stuff.

Having said that though, It's not really realistic to expect too many similarities between the comics and any future films considering how different the films are from the comics. In fact the only way the X-Men could be done properly would be as a TV series. There is way too much story to fit into a movie every three years or so.

For example (as I am sure you know) the Dark Phoenix story originally involved Dazzler, The Hellfire Club, countless aliens, Phoenix eating a star thereby destroying an alien planet and eventually comitting suicide on the Moon. Magneto and Juggernaut were not involved and Mystique, Rogue and Pyro had not even appeared in the comic yet.

(Non Comic readers may be suprised to know that the original X-Men team were, Cyclops, Marvel Girl (Jean Grey), Angel, Iceman and the Beast. (Who was not blue and furry originally)

In regards to a previous post, I think that Xavier did transfer himself during that brief "freeze in time" before he was killed off. I know he's able to do that (at least in previous movies) and it seems like he and wolverine (at least from what I can remember) were the only ones "not frozen".

A lot of peeps were saying that the movie had a really simple plot line, which may be true, but there were a lot of things you can read inoo, like the "cure" not being a real cure, per magneto's chess piece at the end. If you think about it, the cure was suppose to be an antibody, and in the world of science, I think antibodies are only suppose to successively work if you continually take it for life (like a for life treatment sort of thing). If not, it would probably wear off after a while.

I wish i can see gambit on the next movie, and about the last stand, according to the comics the cure doesn't work, so , Magneto and charles are OK, maybe this happened because the actor who plays xavier's about to finish LOL :P .

It will be awesome to see the bigger enemies like Apocalypse, Omega Red, etc...

No offense to Gambit fans but what exciting thing can he offer as a mutant, power wise? I mean I've read a few issues of the comics with him there but I wasnt really that thrilled by his own mutant skills.

What was the deal with the danger room scene? Opening credit said, "in the near future" or "not so distant future"...

Then the battle turns out to be a danger room practice. He told Wolverine to cover for Cyclops. It seems like this was all a rehearsal for actual events to come- the sentinels, cyclops MIA... Then he tells Storm that he wants her to take over. I know the prequels are in the works, but this definitely leaves room to move forward as well.

But Gambit is KEWL Simone, and Bishop too.

We simply have to have them in the next X-Movie.

Not. :-)

My guess is Mystique also was only cured for a short time. Afterwards she warned the brotherhood, and they all leave except multipleman from the area where she told them that they were. Just a guess

i saw the movie last night and i was alittle disappointed cause the comic book did everything differently but when i found out that xmen 4 will be coming out over the next 2 years it brought to mind that they can still ring it back to the plot of the comic book.

Cameron, just to point out that the story about X-Men 4 being greenlit is inaccurate. We've already had Avi Arad saying no, and I have more comments from Fox people to say it's definitely the end. I'll post them later today.

RCS - I had the same thought, I wondered about all the Danger Room stuff and thought it was a bit confusing.

I have to say this is a fab discussion. I'm learning things about the X-Men I never knew! Keep it up!

Morbius: I am okay with KEWL, I think that is very reasonable.

My gripe about the Danger Room exercise is showing the Sentinel (well at least the head of one). We didnt need to see that!!! Show the Sentinels as a proper storyline or none at all!

"i saw the movie last night and i was alittle disappointed cause the comic book did everything differently but when i found out that xmen 4 will be coming out over the next 2 years it brought to mind that they can still ring it back to the plot of the comic book."

Your dreaming Cameron. Even if X-Men 4 was being made in the next two years you don't have a hope in hell of seeing the original comic book plots, the movies drifted way too far of course from the first movie on.

My sister who saw all the X Men films reckoned that Singer's version was much better, which gives hope that Superman Returns should be a blast.

Morbius says, "the movies drifted way too far of course from the first movie on."

They have indeed. I still hate what they did to Cyclops.

But why is it daylight when the Golden Gate bridge is torn apart then dark (suddenly) when they attack the laboratory then final scene of the bridge shows all the cars with their headlights on.

No car has their lights on during the day! and everyone ran fromn their cars screaming so must be some mystical power switched them ALL on!

I never liked cyclops. They made his character bitchy from x-1. I only wish they would have had a better on screen death filmed instead of the phoenix kiss.

Dave, never liked the movie Cyclops? I agree with you there, because he is not like that at all. If they only made him as he was supposed to be he is an amazing mutant. If youve read the comics, Cyclops will blow you away with his leadership skills, that's the Cyclops I wish Singer had done.

I definitley read the comics. He wasn't my favorite character; professor x was; then Jean Grey. I didn't like wolverine neither; scratch that; When mcfarlane did the spiderman series for marvel he wrote a very kewl two parter that endeared me to wolverine (yes, this was many years after the original x-men comics)
I want to just die; a well known graffitti artist (andre charles from nyc) has my what if jean grey had lived, what if hulk went berzerk and my secret wars (the first volume) where spidey got his black costume.
I loaned them to him to draw some things and he moved back to the bronx (from brooklyn) we met the famous keith haring (ex-graff artist turned big time by NY's filthy rich) and that's where he got his start; he (andre charles) now owns his own store in houston street somewhere in nyc.............lol, my beef has gone digital now (thanks to this forum)I hope he comes across this one day.

Sorry to go off topic; but yeah; I used to read lots of comics (spidey was my favorite) I just ordered spiderman and his amazing friends (all seasons on DVD) from ebay; the episodes with the x-men were decent; i have some of them recorded from the disney channel (cable) on dvd.

Hope to see cameo's in spiderman 3, heard through the grapevine we may see a few cameos, they didn't say who (i'm hoping x-men)

Since they killed a lot of characters and transformed anothers, I think the 3th as a prelude to the 4th, when it will ocur de come back in time to stop a special fact about the mutant war or the Rise of Apocalypse.

Since they killed a lot of characters and transformed anothers, I think the 3th as a prelude to the 4th, when it will happen the come back in time to stop a special fact about the mutant war or the Rise of Apocalypse.

I would be carefull about believing anything movie makers say about sequels or lack theroff. It probably won't happen in the next two or three years, but we have the spin-offs for the time beeing, and I really hope X-men 4 will be made one day. Only one more thing: If they make X-men 4 I hope Professor X will have a plastic surgery to look just like before :P not to mention he'll probably be able to walk after giving the unused body some exercise.

where is gambit? mr sinister? morph?

did any one see the day to night scene after magneto had moved the bridge (day) they walked over a mound of rubble then it was night how long did it take them for crying out loud? then all the cars where there after half of them had been thrown by magneto and they had all put there lights on????

Anyway didnt spoil it for me TOP film! Beast was played very well i think really enjoyed his part!

Thought same about cyclops you didnt see him die so you could have a full team back in X4 without jean!

I dont understand that if the kid has powers to block any mutant within close range, why dont they just stick him near maginto or jean, whens shes mad and so they dont work, and then get them with the so called cure! why did wolverine have to kill jean when really he could have saved her and made her a human!


I don't think that works..
Jean Grey's powers aren't because of a mutation.
The Phoenix is an entity wich lives inside Jean Grey.

wow i totally won the argument over my friend in class the other day.. i remember the whole conversation xavier had in his lectures about is it ethically wrong to use a concious mind into a unconcious body.. so yea i totally put those together about xaviers death... i just had to check to make sure i was right.. thx u

"...and anyway the whole film has just gone to show that he's not that important as we would have though as the rest of the X-Men managed quite well without him"

Uhm, Professor X was pretty much excluded from the final battle of the 1st movie. And quite key in the 2nd. It's a movie. It depends on the plot. Did you notice Captain Picard start wearing a jacket on the bridge ever since that episode where he _needed_ to have a jacket? -- Darmok


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