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24 is signed up

24_Poster.jpgThe movie version of the Jack Bauer TV series 24 has just been given the official go signal. Fox has completed the deal with the shows creators and all looks set to continue, but there's no signing for Keifer Sutherland as yet.

Over at Variety through Coming Soon they have the details:

...Fox has closed a deal with series creators Robert Cochran and Joel Surnow, as well as showrunner Howard Gordon, to bring the Kiefer Sutherland real-time thriller to the big screen.

Surnow and Cochran will write the script, with Gordon working on the story...

...20th should have a draft of the script in their hands by early winter. Once they see the script -- and look at ratings for the first few episodes of season six, which kicks off in January -- they'll be able to make a decision on greenlighting production of the film.

So it's not all sealed yet, if that series doesn't deliver the same punch as the rest they could quite easily drop the film. Let's hope that there's not 24 fatigue by then. Mind you since the 24 film is planning to drop the real-time element to it, surely all we're going to be left with a stock thriller.



I'm definitely interested. There are 5 episodes left of Season 5 on Sky (UK). Although it has been superb so far, I can't help but feel they are dragging it out a bit.

I love 24, and like Dave says Season 5 has been great so far and I've been hyped for the movie ever since it was being bounced about as a possiblity, facinated as to how they would make the real-time aspect work in movie-terms. Hearing that they are abandoning this concept is rather dissappointing, but I suppose asking Jack Bauer to save the world again in just 2 hours is pushing it! Still, it will allow for more exotic locations, settings, etc so maybe this will be enough to freshen things up before people start getting a bit bored?


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