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Alba reveals more Fantastic Four

JessicaAlba.jpgJessica Alba has been revealing more about the Fantastic Four movie sequel, and although it's not much, there's a hint at what Sue Storm is up to.

In the previous story she said...

...Susan Storm, has another love triangle...

...and in this latest interview from MTV through Superhero Hype she says...

"There is a little tension between the Silver Surfer and Reed...He's a little good and a little bad. So it's just a matter of, 'What does Sue Storm bring — the good or the bad — out of that boy?'"

So Storm and Surfer start getting close while Reed feels blocked out? Now I'm not a big FF fan, and I've never read any of the Surfers dealings with them, was there a comic tie in? Did it feature them getting very close, or will this just be a sickly sweet attraction only story where Storm finally reveals that she really does love Reed, he just needs to put his test tubes away?



I've seen this story...i should have posted it in conjunction with one of my many jessica alba stories, but at this point, i'm jessica alba'd out, i need a little more diversity.


Yes Rich,
the Silver Surfer was introduced Via the Fantastic Four. He was originally a bad guy and was convinced other wise. He is/was a scout for Glacticus "the planet eater" and is sent in to review the plantet prior to destruction. Sufer falls in love with Earth and turns on Glacticus.

The love triangle is a retcon, but that's Ok, all these things are.


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