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Allen's Scoop trailer online

WoodyAllen.jpgAlthough we had the trailer for Woody Allen's Scoop a little while ago, it's now up on Apple's site in a nice Quicktime format.

So if you haven't looked yet at the new film with Scarlett Johansson and Hugh Jackman, now is the time. You can see it hosted over at Apple Trailers.

My concern is that I don't like Allen's movies and his previous Match Point (review) was the first film that really struck home with me. This looks like a return to his neurotic comedy which is the main thing I don't like about his movies. What about you, Point or Scoop?



Same here, Richard - being a fan of movies I have felt obligated to watch some of Woody Allen's films but most of it just left me cold. 'Everybody says I Love You', 'Celebrity', and more recent outings such as 'Melinda & Melinda' and 'Anything Else' (which I switched off half-way through) just didn't make an impression with me, but then I gave 'Matchpoint' a chance and was pleasantly surprised, the best thing about it being that it didn't feel like a Woody Allen film at all!
Having watched the trailer for 'Scoop' it does seem like Scarlett Johansson is filling the role usually taken by Diane Keaton in some of his movies, but I wasn't completely put off by it - Woody Allen can be very funny at times and I'll probably give it a miss at the cinema and just rent it when released on DVD.

Sorry, I'd have to say neither.

I found Match Point to be infuriatingly boring, not sexy and wildly predictable. While most of the reviews I've read about it herald this idea that "luck determines our fates", I found the concept to be a lazy narrative device that Allen used to resolve in overly simplistic ways what could have been an intricate plot.

The Scoop trailer is no better. I mean, really - a wise-cracking ghost? I'd say that Johansson has no comic timing but to really judge that, she'd have to be saying funny lines in a boring way - and that's not even the case here because the lines are boring, too.

Annie Hall is my favorite Woody Allen film, with Hannah and Her Sisters in second place. I did enjoy Match Point, and Jayne is right, it didnt feel lile a Woody Allen film (I dont know if that is a good thing!)

I am most likely to catch this on the cinema.


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