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Alpha Dog delayed?

JustinTimberlake.jpgAlpha Dog was originally marketed on the fact thatJustin Timberlake was its major star, that seems to have faltered somewhat, as does the expected release date. Yet the news is good with Universal picking up the distribution rights and looking at a 2007 release.

According to Variety through Coming Soon it may be pushed for an end of 2006 release in order to hit the Oscar run, but more than likely it will be first quarter 2007.

Inspired by actual events, Alpha Dog revolves around a mid-level drug dealer from the San Gabriel Valley whose thirst for power led him to become, at 19, the youngest man ever to appear on the FBI's Most Wanted list...

...Ben Foster, Shawn Hatosy, Sharon Stone, Justin Timberlake and Bruce Willis also star...

...along with Lukas Haas, Harry Dean Stanton, Courtney Cox, Alex Kingston and James Molina. The cast looks strong, and with Nick Cassavetes directing it could turn out as a strong thriller, despite the early Timberlake excitement!



"despite the early Timberlake excitement!"

That wasnt said in a sarcastic tone was it Rich? ;-)


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