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Arad reveals Spider-Man 3 spoilers

Spiderman3_Poster.jpgNow that Avi Arad has left Marvel it seems like he's decided to let a couple of pieces of news out about the story for Spider-Man 3. There's not really anything spoiler-wise, but he does reveal that there are now four villains in the movie.

From IF Magazine through Coming Soon have the number from Arad which I'll put over the page as there are a few possible spoilers for those who haven't been following the news...

We know there are two already, Sandman and we're now pretty sure that Venom is in there too. As we talked about the other day IMDB are listing Carnage and Brad picked up that they're also showing Lizard listed. Are those our four?

AVI ARAD: We still have the red costume. We have both, which is the art of metaphors. iF: Why not the black costume from the comic with the big white spider? ARAD: We reserved the white spider for something else...

...F: There are four villains this time, Venom, Sandman, and Green Goblin and when is the fourth going to be revealed?
ARAD: Right we have four villains. Pretty soon [we’ll reveal the fourth villain] I believe. Maybe around Comic Con we’ll reveal something and the madness will begin.

Venom and Sandman are definitely in, is Green Goblin a definite? Who could be the fourth?



Oh man, I thought TWO villains was too much and now they're going to have FOUR?

As Scooby-doo would say: "Ruh-roh."


My guess is definitely The Lizard.

They could have him appear, but Spidey doesn't know who the hell he is, where he came from, yadda yadda yadda. Lizard gets away, only to re-appear in 4. Then maybe we'd have Curt Connors asking Peter for help, that he is The Lizard and so on.

They could definitely have Lizard and Green Goblin/Hobgoblin in it but not as MAIN bad guys. They appear, but are not the focus of the movie. Nor does Spider-Man manage to kill/capture them. I mean, more than one super villain could exist at once, they just don't have to be the focus of the movie.

Or for all we know they could throw in somebody like Vulture or Shocker as a villain in the opening of the movie who Spider-Man fights. Not a major villain by any stretch of the imagination, but just something to start the movie off with a considerable bang.

I thinnk the next vilain is electro. I read other spoilers about it.

I totally agree with seeing the lizard in sm3, but think about this how long will this movie be to were they can fit all of these characters in at the same time. But who am i kiddin marvel knows what their doin... I HOPE

Am i the only one who herad them say theres goin to be 7 spiderman movies?

Am i the only one who heard them say tahat theres goin to be 7 spiderman movies?

At one point that was rumoured...but I think it was an offhand comment. There could be many, many movies. It all depends on the studio.


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