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Avi Arad leaves Marvel

AviArad.jpgWith usual excellent timing Avi Arad has left Marvel and formed his own production company, not only has he taken with him the rights to keep producing the Spider-Man movie franchise, but he's also secured deals to produce two of the long line-up of upcoming Superhero movies he secured while at Marvel.

This guy is a smart business man, we've seen it in about every comment that comes out from him, he's wise to marketing and knows how to release a great quote. This story from The Hollywood Reporter through Moviehole just goes to prove it even more. He's lined up a load of Superhero movies, managed to secure the financials for Marvel to do them alone, then jumped ship and formed his own production company, so where are Marvel going to look first to get their movies made? Internally with new talent? Externally with an expensive and unknown company? Or straight back to Arad at his new company with a deal based on box office returns? Clever man.

What this means to us the viewers? Not that much. As long as Arad keeps on these movies we'll get the same level of movie as we've come to expect from Marvel. Now, you could take that positively or negatively...which would you? Let's also remember that although he's retained rights to produce Spider-Man movies with Marvel, he's only lined up for two of the Marvel slate so far...could fresh blood be a good thing?

Which two films has he been secured to produce? Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk. That leaves such movies as Magneto and Wolverine back at Marvel.



I agree Rich, "its almost always all about the money."

Ditto Richard and Simone.

As a big Spider-Man fan, this slightly worries me though as regards what direction future sequels could take.

Question: Richard, you said in the other post about the Spider-Man 3 villain, that Sam Raimi probably won't helm any further Spider-Man films now that Avi Arad has taken the production rights with him.... any reason why?

Hey Spidey.

Arad has always had the Spider-Man rights, just that he's managed to secure a deal that means he will always be producing them.

Raimi has said before that he has had enough of Spider-Man for now and that this would be his last. He's said that a number of times before this one came on board.

He's got plenty of other projects to turn to and I think he will. Spider-Man will be handed to other directors from here on.

Ah I see, just thought you might have been in "the know" Richard. Keeping us commoners out of the loop. ;o)

As regards Raimi, au contraire..... see this.

I hope he stays on.

Spidey, of course Richard is "in-the-know". *grins*

No, no Spidey. What I know, you will.

Ah, I recall that story now...it was before that he was talking about only three...perhaps he will stay on then. It's up to us and if we go to see it.

Well I'm there opening day regardless. If they pull a Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2 on us and delay the European release, I might just have to go on holiday to New York for the US release!


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