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Avi Arad says X-Men 4 possible

AviArad.jpgIt seems as though Avi Arad can't make up his mind about an X-Men sequel, previously we wrote about his denial of an X-Men sequel, now he's suggesting it might be possible. We even had Fox denying the idea.

From Dark Horizons through Cinematical:

When asked about a sequel possibility Arad said the following: "There's always a chance of an X-Men sequel. It's more of an issue of what is the next X-Men story, and when to do it ... there are so many more characters that we didn't deal with yet. I would not preclude anything."

Actually he's not really saying anything about it is he? Possible, but we have him and Fox still saying no. I think we're going to see spin offs galore for some time yet. As someone else said, the cost of bringing together a huge cast such as that is huge, never mind the cost of making the movie. What do you think, sequel or not?



*sigh* All this denying is making me very tired of this whole thing. I tell you what, if they dont decide to do another one, fine, because I will be okay with the spin-offs, and if they decide to do one more or do another trilogy, fine again, because I will still watch it.

So really now what's the point of all the denials? Either way they still get my money!

For crying out loud!

Anyone with more than two cell brains really doubted there would be more X Men Movies? Have you seen the figures for Xmen3 in box office?

Nuff said!

What's stopping you from seeing it? ;-)

Very funny Simone!

Yeah Peter, the point I've been trying to make is that everyones hooked on the idea of "sequel", yet the spin offs are more X-Men movies. No sequels does not mean no spin offs, of course they're going to keep making money off of this franchise.

HAHAHAHA All this sarcasm is rubbing off on me look! ;-)

Either way the studios win, they are just confusing the poor fans like me! So enough of this madness! Or I will have to do a Dark Phoenix here!


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