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Avril Lavigne

AvrilLavigne.jpgAvril Lavigne has not long been in this acting malarky and already she's thinking about quitting music, although not necessarily for the movies.

In the British magazine TV Hits through Music Monsters and Critics she says that she would love a darker, meatier role...

'I've had a singing career for five years. I'm ready to try out new stuff and have some fun...'I like more serious roles. I can see myself in something like 'Girl Interrupted'. I would enjoy doing a film on the darker side, something serious with depth. I'm good at expressing myself and getting all my emotions out.'

I've not seen her acting ability as yet, but we will soon see her in The Flock alongside Richard Gere and Claire Danes. Could she manage the move from singer to serious actress?



I dont listen to her music, and have no formed opinion of her breaking into acting. One thing I can say in full honesty, after doing just one film and youre not even doing a major role, why would you be thinking of quiting your day job?

Oh and did she say she can do something like "Girl Interrupted"? She has some guts!

Wait a second...I thought Avril had been acting for her day job. I'm not talking about her musical talent, but the whole punk rocker thing looked a bit contrived to me.

Can't say I'm a fan of Arvil, her music is catchy and my 10yr old daughter enjoys her some.

I honestly don't have a problem with her trying out acting, who knows she might be good, we'll just have to see. It would appears she's caught the "bug" with her first role completed.


I have an Avril Lavigne blog (I also live in the Napanee area like she did) and was very interested when I read she was going to quit singing!

But I took a look around and I never saw anyplace that quoted Avril as saying she would quit singing - just that she wanted to act some more because she wants to try new things.

So I don't THINK she is going to quit singing, I just think she will try to do both like some other singers do.

Plus, aside from her doing a voice for "Over the Hedge" I think she can be seen in "Fast Food Nation" before "The Flock" comes out. Fast Food Nation was shown at the cannes Film Festival just like Over the Hedge was, and I think her role is larger in that movie.

I wrote a post about this subject too (if Avril is quitting singing) in can anyone wants to read it.

And of course if I find out anything new about this news, like if Avril says she's quitting in an interview or someplace else where it becomes 100% correct, then I'll update that post. :)

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