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BBC Hustle to film

Hustle.jpgYou might wonder what happened to Robert Vaughn aka Napoleon Solo, well he's currently on British Television in a series called Hustle. Well he may not have defected from film for long with the announcement that Hustle is to be made into a feature film.

Hustle is a simple affair of a group of con persons (can't say men!) who set-up people of shady morality to steal money from them. It usually involves a lengthy and complicated set-up playing to each of their talents. It's light Saturday entertainment, and not bad for it either.

According to Yahoo News Fox 2000 has picked up the rights to the series.

Series writer Tony Jordan will pen the feature. [Bharat] Nalluri previously worked on the BAFTA-winning British TV series "Spooks,"...

...Nalluri currently is directing "Tsunami" in Thailand for BBC Television and HBO Films. The project stars Tim Roth, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Sophie Okonedo.

Sounds like it'll be set for more of the same but on the big screen. It might turn out quite well if Jordan utilises the larger time frame and budget available to him properly. I do like the way the story described this as in the same vein as Ocean's Eleven...slightly too hopeful I think.

Sadly I doubt they will take along the same cast, although it would be great to see some of them on the big screen, particularly Vaughn.



Series 3 was a let-down, and the question arose "have they got a new writer?". Alas, Jordan didn't have the exclusive on the third series. He's an excellent writer, and teh entusiasm that ooses from him on the DVD features is unreal.

hustle the film is coming to be releasedon the 22nd of nov 2008


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