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Beckinsale is Russian Spy

KateBeckinsale.jpgKate Beckinsale is certainly keeping things diverse and her next role is sending her back to the time of the Cold War and making her Russian. She's set to star in April 23, a Russian-American spy thriller.

According to MTV through Coming Soon:

"I'm probably going to do 'April 23rd,' which is set during the Cold War and will be the only opportunity I've had so far to [speak] the Russian that I got a degree in [at Oxford University's New College], so that will be nice...It's about a Russian spy who comes into America and has to be completely undercover. He has a wife who doesn't know he's a Russian; it's actually a beautiful story. It's a serious drama."

She can speak Russian? Wow. Wiseman is a lucky man! If she's set to speak Russian in the movie the chances are she's not playing the wife who doesn't know about her husband spy. Is this all starting to seem a little Alias to you?



Just my type of film, and since I like Miss Beckinsale I am sold on this one already.

Hi, just discovered your brilliant site a few days ago and felt compelled to start commenting. I totally agree with Simone, I've been a big Kate Beckinsale fan for a few years and this sounds like it could be a great role for her, can't wait to see it!

Hi Jayne, we hope to see more of you here in the future. ;-)

Thanks Jayne, you're very welcome...please do spread the word and keep commenting.


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