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Blackadder the movie?

Blackadder.jpgOh it would be so sweet to see the return of Blackadder and this time to the big screen, it's a leap right enough, but disconnected news reports put together spell a strange tale indeed.

According to Martha over at Cinematical there are some strange Blackadder movements afoot.

Stephen Fry...recently told contactmusic.com that he just spoke with Atkinson (currently busy reviving Mr. Bean, another of his TV characters), and that he professed to missing "the joys of Blackadder rehearsals and all that."...according to a story on virgin.net, series vet Ben Elton is actually working right now on a screenplay that lands Blackadder, Baldrick, et al squarely in the middle of The Russian Revolution.

Now Elton isn't actually a vet, he's one of the writers for the highly successful and incredibly funny television series, others include Richard Curtis and Rowan Atkinson.

The series met the same characters placed in different historically important moments of time, the first series was around 1380 and it was just sheer genius. In fact all three series were rip roaringly funny, so much so it's hard to believe that Atkinson went onto such tepid rubbish as Mr Bean. This perhaps explains the possible return of the funniest character he's ever played. If you have no idea what this series is, you must go and rent it now, and start praying a movie is in the offing.



A little too late for this. The series charm has a lot to do with the time it was made. I doubt the tallents involved could reach the same level again.

All fourseries, you mean :)

I'm inclined to agree with Peter, in that I suspect it's a bit late for a Blackadder film and I have grave doubts it would work anyway. Just look at what happened to the Mr Bean film, not to mention Johnny English.

I don't necessarily agree that it's too late to revive the series from a 'could they make it as funny as before' perspective, but I think they'd have trouble getting Hugh Laurie back for anything more than a cameo due to his commitments in the states on House, which looks to be going strong for further seasons.
In my opinion, Blackadder the Third and Blackadder Goes Forth were the two best seasons (excuse the American term), and that was largely down to our Hugh. Genius.


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