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Bollywood Wonder Woman?

PriyankaChopra.jpgHas Joss Whedon chosen his Wonder Woman already? If so who do you think it might be? There were so many in the running, and money was piling high on some ex co-workers of his...word is though that the woman of wonder is coming from Bollywood.

The word on the nuttyweb is that Priyanka Chopra has been picked for the role, she was certainly in the running as we heard way back and also see on her IMDB resume. She recently starred in the Bollywood superhero tale I talked about before, Krrish.

From Pan and Scan comes the news:

Joss Whedon...is currently in negotiations with Bollywood bombshell Priyanka Chopra to play Wonder Woman. (So, technically-speaking, she may very likely be Wonder Woman.)

Okay, so she's not got the role yet and this is some early site rampage all over the possibility, but still...she does look the part. I would suggest a quick google image search...oh boy.

Actually thinking about all the options, I think she's a good bet. What about you?



Took your advice Richard and did a quick Google image search (great advice!). Wow! She's stunning. Certainly has the "look" of a princess of an Amazon warrior tribe, and she has won some awards for her Bollywood work. Not only that though, but she's a FORMER MISS WORLD.

Did a little more research (if you can call reading about this beautiful woman "research")... She's only turning 24 next month and she's 5' 7". Sounds about right to me.

According to wikipedia, Wonder Woman is listed in her filmography.


I could definitely watch her.... er.... this movie.

Spidey, relax!!! You too Richard, I was giggling in that oh boy part of your post. LOL

She's beautiful mind you. Oh, I am straight by the way. *winks*

I've just wet myself. Thanks for the research spidey!

I was kind of hoping Kate Beckinsale would get the role as there seemed to be a few rumours going around concerning her. Oh well...

I don't know, I still think Kate is just too small and dainty for the role. Beautiful and a good actress who is quite capable of taking an action role yes, but just not an Amazonian Wonder Woman.

Jayne I also thought Kate would be great, but she's not bosomy.

Ah, but that's what special effects are for ;-)


If they could do the same to Brandon Routh ehr, reduce it I mean, they can surely ehr, you know what I mean! I could play Wonder Woman I'm a natural. ;-)

Jayne you have to stop this or we'll get in trouble with Richard!

She is very pretty and I think her build would be fine for Wonder Woman. If you take a look at her IMDB page, she is very busy in Bollywood, which I hope is a good sign in regards to her acting.

Lets see if or whenever Whedon finishes his script.This rumor just happens too cohenside with the Superman movie release. She is very beautiful and if she is very athletic, then she will probably be the one. I like Nadia Bjorlin, she too looks the part.I don't know how athletic she is. Joel Silver wants Jessics Biel. Who ever gets this part, I wish them luck cause they are going too neeed it. Silver and Whedon are not on the same page.And Whedon's vision, as reported,is very Catwoman movie like. We will have too see.

Wonder Woman needs to be tall, busty and beautiful. Also would be more convincing if she had some what of an accent since she's not miss USA. Perfect person is "Manuela Arcuri" Unknown, and model perfect. I hope she can act!!


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