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Brosnan back as Bond?

PierceBrosnan.jpgWow, this is a stonkingly good rumour, and rumour it most certainly is, but word is that there is a plan to make another version of Thunderball and perhaps to take Pierce Brosnan back into the role as Bond.

Now it's from the same seriously rumour heavy post on Moviehole, but again true or false it raises some interesting thoughts.

I heard from a comrade at Sony, that Kevin McClory might be - but admittedly, when hasn't he been? - interested in doing a second remake of "Thunderball".

Interestingly he's already remade that movie as Never Say Never Again with Sean Connery, bringing him back as Bond after the official Bond franchise had moved on to a new actor. Will history repeat itself?

What's amusing is that my Sony contact - I can tell you that he's an executive producer on something out soon - tells me that all the folks that were 'runners up' for "Casino Royale" - a.k.a 'the official Bond' film - are being considered for the role of James Bond in the new "Thunderball". They include everyone from to Dougray Scott to Joel Edgerton and...Pierce Brosnan.

Wow, again if only that were true and came to pass, wouldn't it be seriously good? I would love that one to be true, however I wouldn't want Brosnan back. Why? Well wouldn't it be much better if they chose someone that the EON-Brocolli crowd had turned down and make a superb movie? Oh that would be sweet. No disrespect intended to Daniel Craig though...

Would you love to see Brosnan back, or a Bond that was passed over previously? Scott perhaps?




I heard Purefoy auditioned the same time Brosnan did, would love to see them give it to James Purefoy.


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