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Bullock tells Reeves no Constantine 2

SandraBullock.jpgSandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves appeared at the press conference for their new movie The Lake House, and Reeves was asked about a possible Constantine (review) sequel.

Although Reeves was slightly positive about it, if it gets off the ground, Bullock had some strong advice for him. From Sci Fi Wire:

"No, no to sequels! Don't do Constantine 2" after Reeves was asked if he is doing a sequel. "Look, you never called to say, 'Don't do it.' You never called...Yeah, Keanu was smart then," she said. "He had good people surrounding him at the time going, 'Don't do it. Don't get on a boat going 10 knots, which looks like it's pretty much standing still.'"

Reeves still says that it's up in the air and that he would like to do it, he just doesn't know if the Producers would. I know that I would like to see a sequel, but it has to be done right and true to the original film. I'd suggest same team or nothing.



"No, no to sequels!" Er.. didn't she do a sequel to "Miss Congeniality" which wasn't exactly a great film in the first place? You think she would have learned her lesson after 'Speed 2' ;-)

She probably had to learn after the 2nd experience Jayne.

I find it cute the way Sandra butted in like that. Charming!!!

Yes, they do make a rather nice couple - really looking forward to seeing them together again on-screen in 'The Lake House'. Suddenly in the mood to dust off my 'Speed' DVD from the shelf and give it a spin!

Speed was the first ever movie I had to watch more than twice, and all because of them two.

And me Jayne! Cant wait for it to come out here in the UK. Where you from btw?

Hi Simone, I'm up in sunny (at least it is at the moment) Scotland :-)

From bonny Scotland eh!? I was there last spring, in Edinburgh, would have met Richard but I ran out of time. I'm from London, and like where you are, its also sunny here

Hey send me a shout at: feignedmischief@gmail.com then we can talk more about Sandra and Keanu! Or anybody else! ;-)


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