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Burton turns to Sweeney Todd

TimBurton.jpgTim Burton has changed his schedule by delaying Believe it or Not in order to push forward with Sweeny Todd, a big screen version of the Stephen Sondheim musical and starring the Burton favourite Johnny Depp.

The postponing of Believe it or Not marks another delay for poor Jim Carrey who also lost out on Used Guys, and interestingly one of the reasons for both projects being pulled has been because of budgets rising well over the US $100 million mark.

The news from Variety through Coming Soon is that the Believe it or Not is going ahead, and the delays are to allow Burton and Carrey to sit down and rework the script, something they had started doing anyway.

Paramount's co-president of production Brad Weston said. "We intend to make the movie with Tim and Jim, and the fact they are meeting later this week to continue working on the script shows our intent to go forward. We wanted to get to the right place creatively and financially, and through our relationship with DreamWorks, this picture switch was made easy and seamless."

So all is not lost on that one. The idea of Depp as Sweeny Todd is interesting, and will Depp keep the musical form or make it into a complete movie? I'd hope that it remains a musical as that mix just proves totally alluring.



I do hope they leave it as a musical as well! The songs are what make the whole experience of this musical. I don't know how well Depp can sing, but I know he's had music projects in the passed.

He's confirmed as of yesterday. So Depp is Sweeney Todd

I love Stephen Sondheim's work.

I admire Tim Burton's creative genius.

I highly respect Johnny Depp.

Do the maths! ;D


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