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Cameron plans two film series

JamesCameron.jpgJames Cameron has been talking about his return to movies, after nine year break from making major movie releases, now he's coming back with Avatar and Battle Angel, both of which he is suggesting may follow a Pirates of the Caribbean type filming experience, release one to guage success and then hit home with a series.

From an interview on MTV Movies he says:

"I have two franchises, if you will, or films that play out over an arc of a number of films that I am going to be making," he revealed. "[I won't make them] back-to-back, but one after another. They, in turn, might spawn back-to-back sequels. It all depends on how the first one does....

...I think the more logical way to do it is like ['Pirates']," he continued. "When you have a hit film, you want to make two sequels to it. You make them back-to-back, shoot them at the same time, and then do all the special effects; release one, then release the other...

...We're going to do 'Avatar' first, and we're in active pre-production on it right now," he added. "I'm directing it; I'm directing all these films. And with 'Battle Angel,' also, we'll do the same thing," Cameron said of his second project, a sci-fi thriller about a female cyborg in the 26th century. " 'Battle Angel' is actually designed as a three-film cycle. So the logic there is to make one and, if it hits, boom-boom on the other two."

Both projects are futuristic sci-fi. Battle Angel is about a female cyborg rescued from the scrapheap by a scientist and Avatar, which has already gone by many names, is a love story across the arc story of interplanetary war. Both are huge projects and sound just up Cameron's alley. I would love to see both these films made, do well, and see some series stretching plots turned into three or more movies. Are you as excited as I am to see the return of Cameron?



I am more than excited to see Cameron back. At least, these films will be highly innovative and visually astonishing. Besides, Battle Angel Alita, the manga, is perfect for a movie adaptation.


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