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Charlotte's Web trailer online

CharlottesWeb_Poster.jpgCharlotte's Web is a film that I thought would never work, and that I never thought I'd show interest in. Then the web site and its flash trailer arrived and I decided not to peak. Now though, the trailer arrives in formats that are user friendly, Quicktime.

You can see the full trailer through CanMag, who's links include the Quicktime trailer.

You know now that I've seen it I have to say that it does look kind of fun, although the real spider will freak me out a bit. I can cope with the cartoon version, but a real (or at least animated to look real) one is going to be a bit tough for me!

Did you catch some of the voices? The voice cast is superb, not to mention the wonderful Dakota Fanning as the little girl. There's no doubt I'm going to have to stick with the spider and go for this movie!



Same thing came to my mind, I probably wouldnt be so freaked out of the spider if it was animated but yeah, the trailer does look fun.

I instantly recognised Julia Roberts voice.


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