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Conan returns with writer and director

Conan.jpgConan the Barbarian is back. The next movie in the Conan series is about to begin its long process with the announcement today that Warner Brothers have assigned a writer, and the potential director to the film.

Now I don't know what potential really means here, it could mean that the guy has potential to director or that he has been given the option by WB, as yet that's not entirely clear, but at least it's moving. There's also more good news, the film will return to the ethos of the original creators stories, those aren't the ones brought to our screens already.

The news is from Variety through Coming Soon.

[Boaz] Yakin, best known for writing and directing Fresh and for directing Remember the Titans, has been a fan of the Howard series since childhood and came up with a take that impressed the studio.

That's been one mighty slog to get here so far, but if things run smoothly we'd be looking at filming next year. Here's hoping that everything goes well. I'd be keen on a fresh and original take of this character, and quite frankly they'll have to do this if the original Conan is not set to return, which quite frankly is looking nigh on impossible.



Hey Peter, where are you, this one's for you! *winks*

This movie is gonna suck. I am quite indifferent. It´s a doomed project. I will never say Conan King as I wanted to.

Fresh one of my favourite films ever, sadly Yakin has not done anything else on that level, but if he can get some independence from the studio and a sensible rating like R or NC-17 and takes this closer to the Howard Conan, count me in as excited.

I'm so excited to hear about this!!! I'm 28 years old, and for some reason the making of this movie has been on my mind for years now! It's actually been kind of weird because I've really thought about this alot, it's even keep me up some nights thinking about how this movie should be. I'm no producer, but I can almost picture how this movie could be, and I'm sure it would make a killing in the box office!! I would love to share my ideas and my inthusiasm with the maker of this film. I'm no weirdo but this movie has had a real grip on me for some reason and I feel like I'm suppose to reach out and give my ideas (what actors I think would work/ and the story board) but please do not think I'm saying my ideas are better, I'm just saying I've pictured this movie in my head and I would be excited if those thoughts would make it to the big screen! If I'm not responded to please at least here this, I think the movie should start with Arnold on the throne where the last on ended, but this time the begining credits will explain that after many years of ruling his kingdom, Conan finds himself getting old and having to face an enemy even stronger than himself. The movie will also flash back to when he was on his journey to the throne, and he gets a lady pregnant, but what he does not know is that he has a kid with her. The kids name is conan, but thinks his mom only named him after the king, but not that he is the actual son of the king! The movie will start out showing him as a really tough kid (played by the kid that calls himself little hercules), inspired to be like the king, to getting older and finding out he is trully the son of the king (played by the rock). He will then go on a journey to help fight for his father Conan, who is in a loosing war, unite with his father, and overtake the enemy (wich will be played by Brock Lesner). This will start a whole new series of Conans with Rock as the lead character! Tell me that don't sound cool as shit! I swear I can see the whole movie in my head, and I'd love to see it on the big screen!!!!!

Oh and Conan SR. will obviously be played by Arnold, and I think Conan JR should also have a tough leading lady, to be like a new Red Sonja! I was also thinking that he should have like a stepfather, which he thinks is his real father till finding out other wise, and that guy should be played by a tough guy, who finds himself going to war and fighting with his raised son, but dieng while doing so!

Hi Keith, welcome to Filmstalker. ;)

Good ideas, Keith, though not too original. Your draft coincides with the "Conan King" comics (the Conan-Conn split and later gathering), and with the great and already written script for King Conan: Crown of Iron by Milius himself. Unfortunately, the movie you dream of is never going to be made, I am afraid.

its about dam time someone decided to make a real movie, go for it, It will be a hit especially if it has graphics like lotr. Me and a lot of other people who still read robert howard and collect conan comics would think it would be awsome. Has anyone seen what darkhorse has done with conan, They have brought him back to life, so now we need an awsome flick.

Indeed! The comics always find a way to reinvent themselves and keep the spirit. I can tell you the reason why Conan King is not being released, Jimmy: the studios don´t want to. Milius and many others are dying to do it, and to do it well. It´s a real shame we must stand such a bunch of crappy movies and not have the chance to see this: but I still don´t despair.


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