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Copied World Trade Center prompts suit

WTC.jpgParamount is suing an American filmmaker for copying a portion of the World Trade Center screenplay and using it as their own twelve minute film. The complaint is online and includes part of the Oliver Stone screenplay as well as a side by side comparison of the two.

Here's a huge warning before you leap over to start reading the document, there are spoilers as there is a portion of the exact screenplay in there as well as this side by side comparison. The section taken seems to be halfway through the film.

The document comes from The Smoking Gun, and I have to say that reading the side by side comparison is very weighty evidence indeed. The comparison is not for effect, it matches almost perfectly.

...Moukarbel's film, like Stone's production, centers around a pair of rescue workers trapped in debris following the collapse of the towers. Included in the studio's complaint are nine pages from the "World Trade Center" screenplay that Paramount contends were used by Moukarbel for his unnamed work, which he posted online (but has since removed)...

At first I did think that you couldn't really copyright something like this as the story is about real events happening to real people...but then...Well, if you don't mind reading some of the screenplay take a look at the side by side (from page sixteen onwards) and see what you think.



What was it in the news in the UK this week - a large proportion of school kids believe plagiarism is acceptable?

Plagererism, err... pleigerasim, err.. play-ger-resim...

FFFFTTT!! Copying other peoples ideas is not new. its just a whole lot easier thanks to our friend the internet... and apparently school kids believe plagiarism is acceptable?


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