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Cusack completes Iraq War drama

JohnCusack.jpgWhen I read this story about John Cusack finding his next film project because he was searching for a tale that told what happened when coffins came back from Iraq I thought we would be in for a strong political tale, but again this Iraq War film looks back to America and to real people.

According to The Guardian, the story of Grace is Gone is...

...a small, independent film in which Cusack plays a man whose wife Grace is killed in service in Iraq...

...Cusack's character, Stanley, delays telling his two daughters about their mother's death, instead taking them on a road trip while the former military man sorts out his complicated feelings about the war.

Although Cusack says that he was looking for a story to talk about coffins coming back from Iraq, something which the American Goverment is hiding the people from, this film isn't political, but rather about people and coming to terms with grief.

"I feel that people will be interested in seeing the story of the human cost of this war", Cusack said.

It's an interesting interview, although all too short, and I'm happy to say that the mention of Say Anything is in there, a movie I love. Cusack is a fabulous actor, and to learn that he pulls the romantic comedy roles to finance the independent work he does is good news indeed, for the independent work he has brought us has been superb.



Cusack is among one of my favorite actors, he can pull off romantic leads quite easily (Say Anything being a top favorite), to the most bizarre (Being John Malkovich), dark and gritty (Grosse Point Blank). I just did a marathon of his films recently and was hoping to see him in new projects, saying that, was Ice Harvest ever released in the UK Richard?

February this year I believe, I missed that too.

I have a very big problem with Cusack talking publicly about human rights of any sort: be it the rights of Americans to view the coffins of dead soldiers in order to humanize them (God forbid!) or rights of Americans, in general. Regardless of whether or not I agree with him, which I do, the "cowardice" he displays and the "hideous" way in which he behaves in his personal life undermine the message. He is hurting a noble cause by taking a public platform on very sensitive issues - let him just do it in his films, if he wishes - but still hypocrisy remains. Cusack has no idea what "human rights" truly are, at least not on an individual level. Asking him to please shut up, make your movies and let them speak for themselves, and just do the disgusting things you do. This is from blog: John Cusack - Strummer Calling - Update - http://bankrobber-stayfree.blogspot.com:

John Cusack - Strummer Calling

"Get away, get away, get away, get away"
-Joe Strummer

Or in this case, imagerobber.

NO MORE STRUMMERING! I am so so tired of John Cusack quoting Joe Strummer as if he were somehow continuing to pass on his message. I had the honor of working with Joe, a beautiful, humble, sincere man who vehemently believed in what he wrote and lived accordingly. If Cusack wants to get on a public platform, quoting Joe, then he needs to practice what he preaches. The sad thing is, I am convinced that he believes he does.

Although I have to admit that Cusack is an intelligent man, he is unable to grasp the full meaning of Joe's message. Human rights are not just a global issue, they are a very personal, individual one, as well, and Joe's message reflected that. Anything on a global scale can be reduced to an individual level. Two countries at war=two friends engaged in a bitter battle; treaties between countries= compromise and agreement between adversaries.

Cusack seems to have no problem when referring to Global issues. It's the individual ones he seems to have a problem with - they seem to fly out the window along with his stained underwear and other assorted undergarments sometimes quite difficult to decipher. He goes on and on about Injustice! Equality! Human Rights! Well, I'm just going to have to quote someone myself on that one:

-Iggy Pop

Wake up, Johnny!

I actually agree with his political stance, although I take it to a bit more of an extreme level. All politicians are corrupt. The higher they are on the food chain, the more ass they had to kiss and the more shady deals they had to make. Cusack seems very comfortable in this dishonest forum (wonder why?) and has already jumpstarted a possible political career by kissing the ass of a candidate's daughter (literally). Very Classy! And to think that these college students set up webs to elect him President - poor misguided youth - compared to Clinton's cigar, they'd be hit with a real shocker. I firmly believe that our society knows about 1% of what goes on in our government. Any scandal exposed is merely a shred of metal from a cog in the machine.

"Power to the People"
-John Lennon

Nice thought, but will never happen.

Going off on a bit of a tangent here. Sorry. Point is: Human rights are for humans, right? Women are human the last time I checked (although with all the plastic surgery in Hollywood, it is sometimes hard to tell). So, I'll give Cusack a little room on that one. When you dissrespect women, you are indeed trampling on their human rights. "Dog catcher" eh? Feel truly sorry for your assistant having to have that as part of his job description. "Need assistant who can type, schedule meetings, and cruise skanky bars picking up as many women with low self-esteem as possible so I can feel good about myself especially now that I am middle-aged."

"like a dinosaur"
- lyrics from the Rutles

Perhaps Cusack should remind himself of his own words some six years ago. "Nobody wants to be that guy, aged 45, in a bar, picking up the 21-year-old girl. Then you're moving into the most-pathetic-man-in-the-world scenario." Hmmm. He's Forty - same difference - he is then, in fact living the most-pathetic-man-in-the-world scenario. Sure Ma is very proud of her boy.

There is absolutely no way a woman with any self-respect would allow herself to be rounded up like cattle to be used at anyone's disposal. Cusack is merely preying on women with low self-esteem who need the affirmation that they are worthy. In the process, he is further damaging them. He is hurting people, by objectifying them, he is in fact dehumanizing them - isn't that the main factor in all atrocities on this planet. One group feeling they are better than another and therefore, dehumanizing them in order to carry out their agenda.

Found an interesting blog from a woman who worked in a Walmart type store in the early '90s. Cusack came in with his assistant and had him ask for her help. He refused to speak to her directly and instead whispered into his assistant's ear what he wanted. The assistant would then relay it to her. "John would like such and such". She got so fed up with his arrogant behavior that she eventually looked straight at Cusack and said "Tell John such and such". Then she ended her blog by calling him an asshole. He completely belittled her, acted as if he were better than her and she was not even worthy enough to speak to him. He dehumanized her. And he talks about human rights - it really just makes me ill. If I ever saw him in person, I would spit in his face!

Have a feeling Joe's opinion of Cusack would probably have changed drastically if he knew of those little doggie runs.
"Fido, Fido"

Jimmy Swaggart, anyone? Different words, same hypocrisy.

What is it that he said in that Huffington post thing. Arab lives are equal to American lives or something to that effect. So scale it down. Men's lives are equal to women's. When you objectify women and mistreat them, your Global argument is meaningless. Cusack's Global argument is meaningless, but only because it comes from him. So often described by others as a nasty, mean-spirited person (although for some reason, he always talks about how nice he is - think he might have a wee bit of a
problem in the self-perception department), he obviously doesn't seem to be very concerned with the rights of others to be treated with respect on an individual basis. And aside from all that, he has those little black
"Devil Eyes"
-Tim Buckley

Oh, the things I know. Perhaps I tell you sometime. Been feeling very pissy lately, lot on my mind and a very low tolerance for bullshit - thus the rant. Next time I'm in a bad mood and feel like my brain will implode if I hear another word from another

- Henry Rollins

or if I happen to miss

"Supersonic Rocket Ship where there's equality and no supression of minorities"
-The Kinks

will probably rant on and on until I feel some bit of

-really bad movie

Bottom line is choose. Cusack needs to make up his mind as to whether he wants to continue to misrepresent himself and in doing so, dishonor others, or just be an actor, behave atrociously
and not get on the pulpit. Cusack, just

"Leaving It Up To You"
- John Cale

Oh, and Ladies,

-James Brown

stop posting webs saying, "I loooove John Cusack soooo muuch. I waaana maaarrry him."
No offense intended to any of you,(you are all mere victims of a very brilliant PR machine) but there are far better choices out there. Practically every other actor in Hollywood is a better choice except maybe Charlie Sheen and the late Fatty Arbuckle (although he was acquitted and died sad and broke, so he really doesn't apply - scratch that) Would say Charlie Chaplin - bit of a pedophile but the scene in "The Great Dictator" where he dances with the balloon of the globe and takes the piss out of Hitler - priceless - he's forgiven - and well he's also dead. Although I used to have a major crush on Spencer Tracy when I was 12 or so and he was dead, so to each their own.

"I got A Thing, You Got A Thing, EveryBody's Got A Thing"
- Funkadelic

Seriously now, living actors with even worse behavior. Have to think about that one. Cusack kind of takes the cake. Not only for his lack of moral fiber in:

"The Real World"
- really bad show

but on the mere fact that he is a fraud blowing


up people's asses and actually even his own.

If you are looking to admire a truly brilliant actor - check out David Thewlis (looks nothing like Cusack, so if he's your type forget it)but great actor, great person, faithful, sweet, sweet beautiful man "I loooove him" and Joaquin Phoenix seems to be a truly kind sensitive soul but that's just a hunch. And there's always the very cool, very adorable Mark Ruffalo.
Basically, even actors working the street

"In The City"
-The Jam

to make ends meet during hard times are a better choice.

Or there is always the possibility that Cusack's PR machine are portraying him as a womanizer to hide the fact that he is gay or bisexual. Know a little story about that one firsthand, but won't write it. Either way, he still treats people miserably and should be ashamed of his behavior. But I am sure he is not.

God, all these quotes are giving me a headache

-Rutles (again)
(sorry for the repeat)

But now I'll truly be serious because I'm very tired 3am here in New York (won't do Lou Reed - made my point already). Joe Strummer was a brilliant man who deserves someone worthy to carry on his message and his work - not a hypocrite whose fraudulence undermines its value.

Found beautiful quote from interview with Joe, "Life’s about your friendships, the way you love your partner, the way you care for your children. That is what life is about". That about says it all.
Stop Quoting Me Ya [Removed - Richard]!!!

This is the most entertaining post I have ever read this week, nice, Bankrobber.

Anytime. Glad you enjoyed it - spread the word. Know is disappointing - Grifters one of my all-time favorite films - but maybe Cusack will get real and clean up his act if enough people call him on his bullshit.

Weird, and there was I thinking that he was just a damn fine actor. Never met the guy personally myself so I can't comment otherwise.

Never questioned talent. Know many who have met him and if he just acted, would have no problem with him. But he gets up on pulpit and preaches and is most unworthy to do so, considering he commits same "crimes" on smaller scale - perhaps attempting to plant seed for political career - Not in my country! Have enough hypocrites already. Ya know wha I mean?

Well I'm not even going to go into that as that sounds all politics and no film.

But I still like him, it doesnt change the way I feel about him as an actor, what he does on his spare time, is his business.

So bring on more Cusack films!!!

I have always enjoyed his work, as well. Even as a 15 year old when I saw, "The Sure Thing". But have same problem I had when I directed bands I loved who turned out to be assholes - just couldn't listen to their music afterwards, at least for a couple of years - just killed it for me. Just can't stand to see his face anymore knowing the lies that come out of it - and trust me, part of me would love to watch "The Grifters" over and over - is brilliant, but can't do it. Like big block goes up - would like nothing more than for Cusack to go on Huff Post and give general apology for those he has belittled and hurt in past and probably present and just be decent guy that so many believe he is. He is a disappointment and he hurts so many people with his behavior. What I wrote is tip of iceburg compared to what I know. Don't want to be sued, you know? Doubt he will ever fess up and apologize, so I guess will not be re-watching Grifters anytime soon. Maybe in a few years, like bands, I will be able to watch his work again. Would like that as he is talented and when not doing ridiculous romantic comedies (recent ones), the films are really good. Pity.

Am adding this to article, is from 2004 magazine:

"Pals of John Cusack think he's suddenly gone wacko! Sources say the star's acting like the cocky con man in his landmark film "The Grifters," whispering that he's "targeted" John Kerry's daughter Alex -- and wooed her at the Democratic Convention so he can marry her, infiltrate the White House and enter politics!" No fucking way, Cusack!


Have always felt he plays the samey samey role(the roles aren't the same, but he just plays them all the same way), or maybe he just annoys me and i can't relax and let his acting do the talking.

either way, won't watch any of his films anymore.


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