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Dark City sequel?

DarkCity.jpgDark City is an awesome and much underrated film. Alex Proyas produced a superbly dark and rich movie, with excellent performances from Keifer Sutherland and Rufus Sewell, and some amazing ideas before such films as Matrix. Now news is coming not only of a special edition of the DVD but also of a possible sequel!

From Jo Blo through Cinema Blend comes the amazing news...

"DC was hardly a smash hit at the box office so it is unlikely, if a sequel was made, they'd give me a huge budget to work with. So don't worry too much about that! I am more and more interested in the idea of a sequel, and who knows, after the special edition comes out, with everyone's support behind it, a sequelmaybe who knows but I've already said too much."

This is direct from Proyas himself over on his official site, and although it's not a definite, the fact that he's keen on the idea is a great start. Now we all just need to buy this special edition and show that there is support for a new movie.

I'll certainly have no qualms about recommending it and buying it...have you seen it? What did you think? Do you want a sequel?



Haven't actually seen this one, so going by your recommendation and the fact that I like Keifer Sutherland, it'll be getting put on the top of my rental list.

I remember when this film was released. well, i remember that all the other films at the time were complete garbage/

very strong storyline with a lot of confusion(for me anyway) from start to finish made for interesting viewing.

Some impressive acting from most of the cast(lead, supporting and bit parts all included).

DC 2 would be super. bring it on.

This is one of my favourite films, while I am not against a sequel in many ways I am happy for it to remain a stand alone film. Once I would have complained at the idea of a sequel to this, but now I am at least happy that it's not a remake.

The good news is the special edition. Many concepts in this movie are brilliant, and it has some prestige, but Rufus Sewell is a wrong cast choice for the main role, and that affects the overall movie. Yet it´s a very influential one, there is a site who demonstrates that Matrix is almost a copy of this. Well, there is no original stuff anywhere. The idea of this world not being real doesn´t come from Proyas himself.

There is a brillian greek called Plato who claims the same... I have to follow the career of that greek.

I have heard of it but didnt get the chance to see it, I might put it on my rental list.

This is one of my favourite movies that I only caught up with on DVD. Good to know a Special Edition is on the way. And a sequel would be excellent.

My brother and I (we're movie watching partners) love this movie. The mysterious storyline keeps you interested through to the end. It's definitely on the list of favorites. I'm looking forward to the special edition dvd.


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