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Denzel Washington enlists Peter Jackson

DenzelWashington.jpgAccording to reports Denzel Washington flew over to New Zealand and talked with Peter Jackson about enlisting the help of his WETA effects company to perform special effects on a movie he is directing. Interestingly enough there's nothing specific on his slate that screams special effects.

From Jo Blo comes the story, they quite rightly point out that Washington is only has listed as directing is The Great Debators, and that doesn't suggest that it will require a lot of special effects.

Interestingly though he is down as producing an as yet untitled Sammy Davis Jr. project. So could the effects be for a new movie, the Davis project (perhaps some face work like the recent Brando reconstructions), or maybe it's crowd work for Debators. Who knows, in itself it's not really a story unless we consider that it's a new film entirely. However, I am excited about a Davis picture, that really is something I'd love to see and promises a great tale...man I love swing.



Man I looooooooooove the Rat Pack.

Davis was always so humble & charming. Even though Deano was always my fave, Davis is gonna make for a great biopic. Haven't read his bio yet but I must get a copy. Reading a Sinatra one right now. And Denzel directing? This is gonna be interesting.

Who's gonna be cast? An unknown? Any thoughts anyone?

Oh Rynndar! Good man, I love Dean, I love listening to him.

Davis? Oh what are the chances that they go for one of the lookalikes from the Rat Pack tribute group?

Count me in! I love them too!

I heard years ago that they were considering Hanks to play Dean Martin I dont know now what happened to that news.

Don Cheadle did it in that made for TV flick.

Anyone see it? I wonder if he did a good job.
Maybe he could do it again.

I'd prefer a nobody to a tribute singer.


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