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Depp joins Smith in I am Legend

JohnnyDepp.jpgCan you imagine Johnny Depp acting alongside Will Smith? I really find it hard to believe, but according to a new internut rumour he's set to join the cast of I Am Legend.

The rumour comes from Blackfilm through Coming Soon.

Well I guess it could happen, considering the role that Depp has just been playing in Pirates and what could be coming out of Legend. I guess it would depend if it's going to be a typical Smith action vehicle or something with some more depth. I would hope for the latter because Smith really can act, and the two might just prove to make a very strong team.



Hmm, interesting - I find Smith a bit much to take at times, but being a fan of Johnny Depp I do hope this one works, but I guess it all come down to them having a certain chemistry together onscreen, and there's no way of predicting something like that. It'll either gel together and be brilliant, or fail miserably. But I'll keep an open mind on this one and hope for the best.

I have to admit that I do have quite high hopes for this film. Although Will Smith does do a lot of action/comedies, he's not a bad actor by any stretch of the imagination.

If the film does turn out to be a Smith and Depp two-hander it could be very good indeed.

I am rereading the screenplay, originally written for "I'll be back" Arnold. According to that, Johnny would be a survivor in an apocalyptic world, fighting against mutant vampires led by Smith.... Unless they've flipped the roles....

Erik, check out the latest stories on the films for what's happening - there are a lot of changes.


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