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Depp talks 21 Jump Street movie

JohnnyDepp.jpgI have to be honest, there's not a chance of this happening, but Johnny Depp's comments in a recent interview for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest has him saying that he would like to...in a fashion.

From the interview with Coming Soon to the statement that a 21 Jump Street movie is in tje works he says:

I think it's a great idea...Why don't I just go back and play... it'd be good at 42. That would be interesting. To go back and play the same character I played 20 years ago with no one saying anything. A bunch of people going, they don't say anything to him but they talk behind his back, 'Is he out of his mind? He's really old now but he thinks he's still young.' That, I would love to play.

Firmly tongue in cheek. I doubt we could ever expect that to happen, although a cameo wouldn't be totally out of the question. Still, a film version of 21 Jump Street?



Yeah bring it on Johnny!!!

I loved the show as a kid, but a movie?? No. Please just leave it alone and let me enjoy the fond memories of the show. (Which I stopped watching shortly after Depp left because I could never warm up to Grieco.)

I agree with Meli about Richard Grieco. Whatever happened to that dude?


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