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DiCaprio producing Leary biographical film

LeonardoDiCaprio.jpgLeonardo DiCaprio is planning to bring to life the story of Timothy Leary on the big screen. With that it seems that he's turning his star power to bring to life worthwhile and interesting projects, rather than resting on his status and taking money.

From Variety through Coming Soon it turns out he's already been hard at work...

...hiring screenwriter Craig Lucas and Leary archivist Michael Horowitz to develop the screenplay...

...the life of the writer-psychologist will follow him from his enrollment at West Point in the early 1940s through his escape from prison in 1970. Though Leary's work touched on many different fields, he is best known as an advocate of the therapeutic and spiritual benefits of LSD.

DiCaprio knew Leary, who died in 1996, and has long had a desire to develop a film on the controversial activist with an eye to topline, according to his reps.

I really like this and admire when someone has a project they believe in and goes for it, particularly when it is such a big star who doesn't need to do this at all. The Leary story also is very strong and seems to have a lot to bring to the screen, it'll all depend on the resulting script and director of course, it'll be interesting to see who DiCaprio can pull for the project.



DiCaprio is one of the best young actors of his generation. He can play any role he wants, and many good directors agree with me.

I had lost interest in DiCaprio for many years until the Avaitor. Rarely, does an actor impress me as he did with his performance in that movie. I'm glad to see he's sticking to meaningful projects, which will use the talent he has.

Actually Meli, I was never a fan of Leo's, you know what changed my mind? Spielberg's "Catch Me If You Can"! I just loved that movie and since have been following his career. I like Leo pre-Titanic, but now, I just love him, I think he's great!

Peter, I love that last statement, you sound so uber kewl!


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