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Die Hard 4 plot revealed

BruceWillis.jpgFor those of you who don't want to know what the plot of the new Die Hard movie, Die Hard 4, you should look away from this story now, for the plot details have been revealed and they'll be copied in the story over the page.

To be honest though, there's nothing tremendously spoiler wise, it's really the underlying story which should be covered in the first twenty minutes of the movie. It comes from AICN through UK Film Force.

Here we go over the page...

Die Hard 4 (called 4.0 until recently) is about a sophisticated plot to take the United States' technological infrastructure offline over a period of three days, bringing the economy to a halt and causing bedlam. First, "minor" systems like traffic light networks start to fail. Then banking networks, utilities, and other important services start to fail. Lastly, the power grid itself is sabotaged. All using computers, of course.

While the perpetrators may at first seem to have a terrorist agenda, there could be other motives involved. Is there going to be a ransom demand? Is it a prelude to attack? Or is simple financial greed behind it all?

Enter John McClane — and his delinquent son John Jr., or "Jack G" as he goes by. Jack's just getting out of prison for computer-related crimes, and relations with his poor fatherly role-model are strained. However, the two of them are thrust into the midst of the excitement since, as it turns out, the cyber-criminals are using some of the same hacking tricks that landed Jack in jail. The government hopes to get things running again with Jack's help before the country plunges into a new Dark Age. However, it's not long before things go wrong, leaving McClane and son to fend for themselves.

Actually I reckon that sounds pretty good, and a huge scale of a plot to end the series on. End of the world type stuff, War Games with a modern turn. Yes, I think this is a really strong story for the McClane final episode.

The only potential problems I can see is that the film gets too hung up on the father - son relationship. What do you think? Something you'd pay to see?



Opppsss you just took the words out of my mouth. Not another cant-get-on-with-each-other-father-and-son story? How many times has that been rehashed with cheesy effects (War of the Worlds 2005 version, Day After Tomorrow, etc) But minus the father and son team up I am sold on the sophisticated plot, maybe they can bring in some hotshot from the CIA or the NSA too?

I hope there will be no love angle here please!

I read this over at AICN and found it to be...serviceable. Not great, not terrible, but not really compelling enough to make me think that Die Hard 4 is excitement-worthy yet.

I'm not that crazy about the father/son thing. A bit too Indy/Henry for me. McClane had a partner last time; I'd rather see him old school - alone against the odds.

I can appreciate that the filmmakers want and need this to be big - but for me, part of the joy of the original Die Hard was that one guy vs. 12 is - while certainly more outmatched than any of us would be expected to handle - believable. In 2 he takes on about 50 guys and in 3 it swelled to about 100. Now in 4 he's got to stop the end of Western Civilization?

He's an extraordinary cop, not Kal-El. And it'll take some serious filmmaking chops for me to find "Internet anarchists" Gruber-scary.

Oh but Burbanked, Indiana Jones is not John McClane, Indy didnt need any guns to get his way out of any predicament, the father and son relationship in IJ3 was to me at least treated very well.


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