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Dreamworks talks Spielberg and Indiana Jones

IndianaJones.jpgThe new DreamWorks CEO Stacey Snider has been interviewed about her new role, and in particular to talk about what's on the Dreamworks slate and what Steven Spielberg is set to work on next. The main revelation is that the Indiana Jones 4 script hasn't yet been written, the rest of his options are also outlined.

From The Hollywood Reporter through Coming Soon:

Snider is working closely with Spielberg to divvy up an annual production budget of $300 million-$400 million, less than half the $1 billion annual slate she had overseen at Universal...

..."I can't filter or predict Steven," she said. "I'm riding the surf with him. We let him respond to things. And he loves to hear from us about what we're excited about...He's interested in movies of all sizes and genres, even tiny little movies that we're not sure are commercial. That's of no concern as long as we have other movies that are."

It's interesting to hear that Spielberg doesn't care about the size of the project, wouldn't it be great to see him on some incredibly small ideas brought to the big screen? However the word we're all waiting for is where is Indiana Jones and is he going to direct? Snider talks about his possible next project...

...an Abraham Lincoln biopic, an untitled space travel project at Paramount and a script by Rod Lurie set in the glitzy New York media world as well as "Indiana Jones 4," which Paramount would co-finance with George Lucas' Lucasfilm. David Koepp's script is expected in two to three months.

Now I thought we had heard ages ago that the script was complete and had gained approval from all, well it seems not. The more I think about this though the more I think we won't see Spielberg direct, and this will fall to one of the others in the team. Looking at that slate there are a couple far more exciting projects for him, and despite the word that he is interested in smaller projects there's not been any evidence of that. Lincoln versus an aging Jones? I know which I'd be choosing.



Lincoln. I am much more interested myself on what can Mr. Spielberg do with the life of such a great man (who has attracted filmmakers since the silent era), than bringing life to a zombie Indiana Jones. Lincoln is an essential part of American History, it´s about time to see a great modern movie about his controversial personality. And no one else can do it but Spielberg, who quotes Lincoln in some of his films.


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