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Early Omen review

Omen666.jpgThere's an early Omen review over at my mate Matt's site. It's interesting and much of what I would have expected from hearing the news about the film over the last few months, but seeing the trailers I would have hoped for more.

From Darkmatters comes the news. Here's his quick rating, but head over and read the rest if you're interested. It does appear to be a scene by scene remake.

Darkmatters rating system (out of 5): Action ööö - Plodding but there in places Laughs öö - More unintentional than planned Horror ööö - The devil should be able to chill more than this! Babes öö - Julia Stiles, you would / Mia Farrow, you wouldn't

Overall öö1/2 (Not terrible but not terribly good either)

Hope you don't mind me quoting your rating Matt! I love his babe rating.



Hehehehe You noticed that too eh?

Yeah Matt, what's up with the babe thing? *winks*


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