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Eastwoods daughter turns director

AlisonEastwood.jpgThe daughter of the great Clint Eastwood, Alison Eastwood, is making her directorial debut with a film called Rails and Ties, something that sounds right up the Eastwood's alley.

From The Hollywood Reporter through Coming Soon:

...based on an original screenplay by Micky Levy and revolves around two families and their physical, emotional and psychological collision.

The story begins on a beautiful stretch of the California coastline, where a suicidal mother parks her car on a railroad crossing and awaits the arrival of a speeding train with her 9-year-old son in the car.

Certainly sounds like an Eastwood film, pain, angst and human drama and emotion. I wonder if she has the same eye and talent as her father? This is definitely one to watch...



Lots of people with tallent never get the chance to make a movie, and now we have to cope with daughters of directors and Bryce Dallas Howard. Well, at least she will have to prove herself.

Yeah, too true. It doesn't strike me as though Clint Eastwood is the type to allow their kids any favours do you? I would imaging he's a stern father believing in finding your own way.

I have no problems with directors kids dabbling in the same medium as their successful parents have. Sofia Coppola is a good example, she has given us The Virgin Suicides and Lost in Translation, I am not so sure about Marie Antoinette though. As for Bryce Dallas Howard, I have only seen her in The Village but she very much impressed me there, wasnt she also cast as Mary Queen of Scots?


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