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Films to watch list

You may have noticed, if you visit the front page, a new section on the right hand side called Watch List. This is a list of the months releases in the UK either recommended or anticipated by myself.

It's a rolling list, so as the days move on titles will disappear and, all going well, new ones will appear. Selecting one of the movies will take you over to CalendarHub, a service that allows you to run your own...wait for it...calendars! It has a short write up and perhaps a link back to any of my reviews.

I thought it would be a nice little feature and it's due to move soon as CalendarHub is just so slow. However I thought I would try it out and see what everyone thought. If it works well I might start putting US release dates in there as well.

All going well the Awaiting Review section will also turn into one of these automatic lists. I'll keep you updated.



Hey Richard. I did try and do that, click on the film and it took me to the Calendar thingy, so I can actually use that calendar for myself? Kewl! What about Superman Returns, is it 30/06 or 28/06 now?

With all this hard work I am gonna have to buy you a drink one time! ;-)


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