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Hi everyone, hope you're gearing up for a fun weekend, I know I am. Hopefully four movies are in store with a fair bit of writing and a big night out tonight...so don't expect anything too early tomorrow morning.

There's a new page on the site, and it's called the Filmstalker Hub, this is a one stop shop for everything that's happening on the site. It has today's and yesterday's articles, the last fifteen comments, the last five trailer, feature and admin articles, the last five DVD and film five and four star reviews, and a little reminder of what's coming up in the next few months.

I forgot to mention there, you can get to the Hub through the navigation drop down on the right hand side of the site, it's the second entry on the list. I've also reorganised that list by most used.

Have a look, use it and let me know how helpful you find it, or not. Also let me know anything you'd like to add. Have a good weekend, and keep checking in and commenting.



Hi again Rich. ;-)

I have been off posting for a few days because of work and too many barbecues. I have to say that with this new feature its so much easier for me to find my way in the site especially those days that I missed.

Keep it up with making Filmstalker so easy to use for all of us here.

Another great feature you have there by the way.

I've been out of it as well but am still here, Richard. I like this site because of your maturity in keeping your politics out of your opinions. THIS is a very difficult thing to do. But you're very up front with everything. Plus, the site looks 100% exactly as well as i think a website could possibly look.

I personally wish you did a podcast but I completely know how time consuming that can be.

I can't think of anyting else I'd add to the site but If I do I'll drop you a comment or the like.

Cheers Mogulus. Podcasts are on the agenda, don't you worry, just a little bit off at the moment, but they are there and an imaginative use of them...

I'll keep you updated, and thanks for the positive comments, I am flattered. Glad to see you here.


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