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Finchers Zodiac delayed?

DavidFincher.jpgThe news is coming out that Zodiac, the next film from David Fincher, is delayed until next year, the UK was already looking at a 22nd December release date, but I personally think that was a place holder, and now that looks to slip past the reported US release in January 2007, are we set for more moves?

From Jo Blo:

David Fincher's serial killer suspense flick ZODIAC has been pushed back from a fall date later this year to January 2007...Paramount didn't offer up an explanation to the move but since it never had a solid release date, they could easily just say there was no delay as it's release was never set

I'm with them on this, there was never an official date and I'm sure this is a placeholder, the change will be because the project just isn't ready, which is a really good sign that the Studio is taking the film seriously.



From watching some of the extra stuff on the Panic Room DVD [one of my current favourites], it's clear that Fincher is an absolute stickler for detail and just wants to get things right, so this is encouraging news. Most of the time, it seems the studios just want to crank stuff out as quickly as they can regardless of quality.

Oh my God, noooo!!!!

(tears, sad face)

This was my most awaited movie this year.

I will be patient, then. Come on, bring us a masterpiece!!!

In the meanwhile, I´ll watch Criminal Minds lol


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