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First mobile filmed feature film?

XDAMiniS.jpgA ninety three minute documentary has just been completed with filming taking place on a single mobile phone and an occasionally used torch for extra lighting. The documentary is an Italian made film which covers explicit sex discussions taken from over seven hundred separate conversations.

The film-makers reduced that down to some one hundred conversations to find out their views on love and sex. Obviously the content made for some controversial and mass market appealing content, which will only help the marketing of the movie. Call me cynical, but if all the other efforts failed at least there are loads of people talking about sex!

The story from Canada.com:

...the movie mostly features close-ups, and the image, while overall clear, is slightly shaky. Directors said Tuesday no post-production manipulation was made on the image...

..."To use a small instrument that belongs to people's daily routine allows you to establish an intimate dialogue, instead of using a regular camera...The interview becomes more like a chat."

That's an interesting point, the mobile phone is far less intrusive than a camera crew. However they say that as yet there isn't a distribution deal or method for the movie. I wonder if they'll score a 3G mobile deal for high speed mobile distribution? Could this be the future of movie production and distribution? I really don't think so.



I'm a dinosaur on this front - a phone should be a phone. That's a full stop there.

Saying that, the cameraphone came in handy in London when we saw two police cars piled into each other.

There you go. There's no reason why a phone can't be more. Mine is my complete PDA...and I even blog from it now and again, especially when there's a wireless connection nearby.


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