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FYI - Film Your Issue competition winners

Film Your Issue is a short film competition for Americans which encouraged people to do just what it said, film issues that meant something to them. The results are interesting with a few nuggets to be found, some well filmed shorts, some great stories, and some great combinations of both.

The judging panel raises an eyebrow or two as well, consisting of such names as Philip Seymour Hoffman, Tom Rothman Fox Chairman, Ron Meyer Universal Studios President, as well as a bunch of other names.

One of my favourites is called Strike It Up by Molly Conners aged 26 of Albany, New York. It's a simple tale of how we're forgetting one of the easiest and best social tools we have, some might call it collaboration, interaction 2.0, or some other buzz word, but Conners says it wonderfully in her short film.

Go and have a look at the site and have a look at the winners as well as some of the runners up. You know I only wish that the competition was much wider than just America. Perhaps the organisers might think of expanding this, or maybe someone in Europe might pick up the torch and replicate the idea.

I never really warmed to shorts until I visited the Dead by Dawn Horror Festival this year where I was showered with shorts, and you know what? I was a changed man. The majority of these short films showed that you can do just as well, if not better, than a lot of mainstream movies can and in a matter of minutes.

See what you think. How do you feel about short films? What did you think of Conners short above and the other winners?



Hello Richard-
Thank you for the kind comments on our film. Regarding your idea of going global with the competition, I hear that the organizers of FYI plan to do this next year.
Molly Conners

Great news, thanks for that Molly.

Honestly, it was a really cool short.

Firstly, thank you for the compliments, the praise for the competition, and the interest! I'm the founder of FYI FILM YOUR ISSUE. Molly mentioned the listing to me. Yes, we are evaluating for the next iteration of the competition to remove the age boundaries, entirely. We are also evaluating -- though it may be biting off more than we can chew --expanding or opening it up globally, beyond the U.S.

We welcome any input or ideas for the next round.

Please visit the website, and email with any suggestions.

As far as categories and judge/ jury combination of votes, we found the most challenging aspect integrating the votes, considering the results were wildly different. So, we will at least remove the 50-50 combination, and figure a different formula.
And since most entrants created films on their own ideas, we had to dispense with voting categories, since one category had 250 films, and another category only 20. www.filmyourissue.com


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