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Gilliam to direct Prachett?

TerryGilliam.jpgTerry Gilliam is talking about working on his next project, a Terry Pratchett novel called Good Omens. Perhaps that might be one for Gilliam, but his past history shows a huge difficulty in getting projects to the big screen, and when he does, well they are not always received to praise.

From UK Teletext through Dark Horizons comes the news:

"I have struggled to find big projects that inspire me, but this book has. It's very funny, about the anti-Christ and devils and angels, it's very funny and inspiring. I have tried to find a small project like Tideland that I could do but I haven't found one."

He goes on to say that he's not really enjoying the cinema these days, he finds it dull and uninspiring, with the last interesting film he saw being Crash (review).

Well you have to agree with him there, but can he do something different and make some interesting cinema for us? I tend to think he always has, and often he's unfairly beaten down. Perhaps this Pratchett novel might be one for him to bring to the cinema and play to his strengths?



We need more people like Gilliam in the art of cinema, and more producers who trust people like him in the business of cinema.

12 Monkeys is my favorite Gilliam film.


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