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Gypsy still a dream

HarveyWeinstein.jpgThe early reports of a possible Gypsy musical seem to be just that, early, and very early at that. In a hurried retraction from the source of the story we hear that the Weinsteins are merely dreaming of the project, don't own the rights and casting hasn't even been thought about.

The update comes through Cinematical, and rather than try and hunt down blame let's just say that the reports were too eager.

Or perhaps there's another reason. This is something I've heard of before, where the Weinsteins are connected with a project they've been supposedly developing, only for us to hear that they don't own the rights to the material and haven't talked to any stars. Then, lo and behold, the project starts moving. I wonder if there's a clever bit of tactics being used here and forcing people's hands on deals by the early release of rumours? Who knows, business is business and all we're really interested in is seeing the movie...aren't we?



I know I would be. I do like Catherine Zeta Jones and if she is indeed signed up for this I am sure it will be very interesting how she takes on the role.


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