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Hartnett to lead 30 Days of Night

JoshHartnett.jpgJoshHartnett is negotiating for the vampire story 30 Days of Night.

Set in Alaska the film will chart the longest night in the northernmost town in Alaska, a place where the sun does not rise for a whole month in the dead of winter. Perfect for Vampires to go a-hunting.

From Yahoo News:

An evil force emerges from the darkness, striking terror in the town. The local sheriffs -- a husband (Hartnett)-and-wife team -- are forced to choose between saving themselves and helping the town survive until daylight returns. The studio is looking for a female lead.

Sounds an interesting concept, and previously to Lucky Number Slevin (review) I would have thought Hartnett wasn't such a great choice and that this film was headed for the teen horror market. However I have hope now, and that's heightened by the Ghost House Pictures production label which is run by Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert.



i used to stick josh in the summer blockbuster and therefore avoided his films.

whihc is unfair. and lucky number slevin is the movie that is making me look to watch some of his other films.

any body have suggestions on which ones to watch?

Love the vampire movies. lets hope this one tries something different

sounds like a good plot to me.
I wonder if it really is Vampires that comprise this "evil"....

....looking forward to hearing more from this one.

Excellent news that this is moving forward! Director is mooted to be David 'Hard Candy' Slade and the graphic novel is one of the best I've ever read with stunning artwork...
This could be an undead Sin City if they get it right!


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