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His Dark Materials lead casting announced

TheGoldenCompass.jpgLooks like the team behind the His Dark Materials series have decided on their leading lady for the film, so all you hopefuls who raced towards the casting auditions should already know if you've been successful or not.

According to a press release from New Line through Cinema Blend, the role has been given to a twelve year old young lady called Dakota Blue Richards. Well done her, and sorry to all those who didn't make it...keep trying!

So if the first movie works then you can imagine she's on for a great time.

The idea is to make all three books into films and complete another fantasy trilogy, and with the recent announcement that Nicole Kidman is in talks for the lead villain, they could be pitching it straight for that target.

A lot of this will hinge on if they can win the existing fans of the book, of which there are many, onto the first film, and I think this will be as tough as it's ever been.



Are the books good? I ask it because they haven´t been translated to spanish, as far as I know.

I havent read the books myself. Have you read them all Rich?

Another child actress named Dakota eh?


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