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Hopkins, Streep, Giamatti at Last Station

AnthonyHopkins.jpgThe heavyweight acting trio of Anthony Hopkins, Meryl Streep and Paul Giamatti are onboard the film The Last Station which tells the tale of the last days of Leo Tolstoy.

From Production Weekly through Cinema Blend:

The historical biopic revolves around the rough last years of Leo Tolstoy’s (Hopkins) life, as his wife Sofya Andreyevn (Streep) and leading disciple Vladimir Cherkov (Giamatti) battle for his soul. Tolstoy makes a dramatic exit from his home after dealing with his professed love of poverty and chastity, his immense wealth, a life of hedonism and thirteen kids. The problem is he is too old to make it past a tiny rail station at Astapovo, and he accepts his fate to die alone. Well, not complete alone, since over a hundred newspaperman camp outside for hourly updates on his condition.

Damn it, I hate when that happens. Sounds like a solid character tale, and with these three actors how could you not want to see it? I recently saw Streep in the remake of The Manchurian Candidate (review), and while the film didn't hold up to the original, her performance most certaily did to the Angela Lansbury role. She was awesome, and I don't use that term lightly.



Love all these actors, so yes, I am on board for this project.

Did you ever get the chance to read War and Peace Richard?

Ermmm...no. Although I have read Tolstoy's son's book called The Coming of the King.

Great cast for a great story. The kind of movie difficult to see these days.

I just remembered, Anthony Hopkins also portrayed a moving C. S. Lewis in Shadowlands. So this film should not be missed!

I still can't get over the amazing cast for this one though!


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