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Hostel 2 story revealed

Hostel_Poster.jpgEli Roth, the writer and director of Hostel (review), has revealed his plans for the sequel to the highly successful horror movie, and they look like they'll work well without being too cheesy.

...he's writing the sequel for three girls, something that producer Quentin Tarantino suggested. "They're studying in Italy for the summer, and they get lured, and they go back to ... well, we're going to go back to a lot of familiar places...We're going to learn a lot more about how it all works. In 'Hostel 2,' you're really going to see the ins and outs of the whole organization and how they get people and kill them."

Apparently, according to MTV through Coming Soon, the film will kick off as a straight cut from the previous movie.

"Jay has a few less fingers, so it might be difficult for him to blend in...he's totally messed-up from the experience. It's completely wrecked him, and his life is in ruins."

Fantastic! Sorry Jay, but your troubles make for good viewing. I'm really looking forward to this and it's going to be interesting to see if Roth can make it as fresh and exciting as the original.



So what did folks like about the first one? I rented it recently, and just didn't see what other people saw. It took me until the last 15-20 minutes of the movie to get interested, and even then, it was just okay. Not sure if I'll bother seeing the sequel or not.

Here's a tip, if you see the name of a film highlighted as a link and the word review in brackets afterwards, this means that it links to a review on this site. It's not all that obvious.

So much of what I loved about it is in the review. I liked the humour, the way the film put me on edge, and some of the complete rawness of the performances. A couple of the actors really looked terrified, and that helped me along.

I think I really identified with it after being backpacking in some starnge places, being in Tangiers and held at knife point, Marrakesh, some of the places made a connection for me, but that's just at a very low level.

The film plays to a lot of your basic fears and does it in a style that's quite unforgiving and unapologetic, while still retaining a huge dose of humour.

That's why I liked it.


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