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Howard to direct The Changeling?

RonHoward.jpgWhen I first saw the story of Ron Howard eyeing The Changeling as his next project I immediately thought of the classic and quite superb film starring George C. Scott (review), thankfully it wasn't, and the good news kept coming. The story is from J. Michael Straczynski, the creator and lead writer of Babylon 5.

From Variety through Coming Soon:

The story, billed as based on actual events, is about a mother who prays for the return of her kidnapped son. When her prayers are answered, however, she begins to suspect the boy who comes back is not her child.

Howard has several other titles on his slate he's considering, including...

Iraq war drama Last Man Home and Winnie Holzman's The Look of Real,...The Serpent and the Eagle, about the Spanish conquest of the Aztecs, and The Power of Duff, which follows a local news anchor whose newscast prayers begin to be answered.

Out of all of them the JMS project sounds the most interesting. He's an awesome writing talent and has been writing comics of late, and not just one comic, but many. I fell totally in love with Babylon 5 because of his writing, he really made the characters come alive and the wonderful series arc style made them develop and come alive. I'd love to see Howard take this project and give JMS more exposure.



Indeed, the premise of the first one is really interesting. JMS is one of the best screenwriters of all times, it was about time to jump to the movies.

I tried to convince some people to watch Babylon 5, but the first season (the only one released in my country) didn´t rise many enthusiasms. I always say to them wait, just wait how things evolve, they don´t believe me.

Well, to be honest, some people try the same with Buffy and me, and I can´t stand it. The mere look of Sarah Michelle Gear makes me sick. I am a little prejudiced, I am afraid.

LOL @ Peter

Why dont you get the Babylon 5 series from Amazon?


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