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In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Seige trailer online

UweBoll.jpgUwe better believe it, the latest Boll offering In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale is online for a little taster, it doesn't seem to claim it's the completed trailer yet, but apparently it's close and I have to say it's dull and it contains perhaps one of the worst delivered lines I've heard in history, courtesy of Ray Liotta.

You can see the trailer with the direct link to the official site, through Jo Blo and Cinematical.

I can't say I'm looking forward to seeing this at all, but I will go and see it, and I will review it. Just to save you guys the trouble! Ding, ding, round one...seconds out...

I'm torn though, half of me thinks it's great that someone is so passionate about cinema and he's making his own movies the way he wants to and managing to get huge cast lists in there, and the other half wonders why he won't listen to criticism and try and improve...Either way have a look at the trailer and see what you think, and be honest.



Well...that's a massive improvement over the last trailer I saw. The last one looked like something a bunch of high schoolers cooked up on a vacation in the mountains. This looks a little more polished, and the poor dialog doesn't stick out quite as bad.

One of these days I need to rent one of his movies to see just how bad they really are. I can't say much as I've only watched trailers, but clips I've seen beyond trailers have been pretty painful to watch.

I think it will be his best movie to date, which might not be saying much.

I don't think Ray Liotta's line was that terrible.

It looks like it will be entertaining, but nowhere near the quality of LOTR or even Williow or Krull.. It might outdo Dungeons and Dragons, but again, that isn't saying much.

... This looks like it might be funny in terms of Ray Liotta and Burt Renolds in that kind of setting. Not sure it will manage to be good though.

Well, I will say this...it's the best trailer from Uwe I've ever seen. Maybe because it's tiny or maybe because he put some real work into it, only time will tell.

His other trailers always left me cringing, but this one kind of peaked my interest.

I think Ray Liotta's line is completely cheesy, but also fun. I can see it becoming a line my brother and I would jokingly say to each when we're pretending to be tough.

i dont' know...if it had come out before LOTR it would have stoked me.
as it is I was asking myself what kind of enemy could call themselves Krog and be taken seriously.

it may surprise me...but i'd be surprised.


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