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Jackass: Number Two trailer online

JohnnyKnoxville.jpgThere's a trailer and clip for Jackass: Number Two online showing Johnny Knoxville indulging in the scariest activities, he's smoking...and that's just the beginning. Wait till you see this it's obscenely crazy.

From Jo Blo comes the two links. One for the trailer through Yahoo Movies, as well as a short clip that apparently aired on the MTV Awards hosted over at You Tube and viewable direct from Jo Blo.

Both are dangerously funny, and exceedingly deranged. I agree with all the comments at the start of the trailer, but then I can't help but start laughing at some of those stunts...call me crazy, but it looks funny as hell. What do you reckon? Will you be laughing or covering your face? Or perhaps both?!



Is he absolutely out of his mind???? LOLOLOLOL

I watched this at lunchtime. I forgot how much I like Jackass :-)

The jet propelled bike made me whooop with laughter. I looked like a girl in front of my work colleagues..

Yeeaaaaaa! I love Jackass and you can be sure I'll be laughing and covering my eyes as I cringe with each insane stunt.

It's insane!!! LOL


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