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Jackson buying Uri Geller novel?

PeterJackson.jpgPeter Jackson is reportedly chasing the rights to Uri Gellers novel Ella. The book is about a young girl who discovers she has psychic powers, and it receives some good reviews from those who've read it.

The story comes from FemaleFirst's website through The Guardian.

I've never been a big Geller fan, although like David Blaine you have to admire some of his slight of hand and magic tricks. The man aside, his book does get a fair bit of positive press from those who've read it, and the possible news that Jackson is chasing it does suggest that it's going to make a good tale.



I can´t wait to see how the fatty ruins his career LOLOL.

But hasnt he lost a lot of weight, you said so yourself!

Just found out from Seinfeld's Notes about Nothing feature ("The Mango" episode, Series 5) that he is also best known for bending spoons.


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