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Jamie Foxx as Bob Marley

JamieFoxx.jpgJamie Foxx has apparently signed up to portray Bob Marley in a new biographical movie of his life which is developed from an idea by his widow.

From Cinematical, the film will be...

...directed by Oscar-nominee Rachid Bouchareb (Dust of Life)...he wants to show the reggae icon's life from childhood...through to his young adulthood and interest in Africa

Cinematical suggest that Foxx doesn't really look like Marley, and it's fair to say that this was something that I thought about his Ray movie but he carried that off really well. Part of me wonders that Foxx has been picked because he's a top class actor who can more than just carry a tune, plus he's been in a biographical music icon movie already.

Sure he ticks all those boxes, but that's not a bad thing is it? As long as the Marley story has enough to develop a strong plot rather than just following his life, this could well be another success for Foxx.



I posted this story of my blog the other night b/c i think it is so bizarre and to try to play another musical legend like Marley is crazy...i just really don't think he can have the same success he had w/ Ray...but maybe i knocking him out of the race to early.



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