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Jimmy Olsen signed for two Superman sequels

SupermanReturns_Poster.jpgSam Huntington, who plays Jimmy Olsen in Superman Returns, has admitted that he's signed up for another two Superman sequels.

Don't get so excited though, this is a common signing practice. You'll see actors being signed up for sequels just to ensure that they are available in case the projects go ahead, but still the news from SuperHero Hype is positive.

I'm guessing the sheer hype and expectation of this film will secure huge returns and enable at least one of those sequels. However, I'd suggest you check out another Superman story being posted in a few moments...



Exactly right Richard. They're just tying them up (or down, whichever you prefer) so they have continuity through the series of movies. No guarantees it will be made. More than likely another one will be made, but for how long can you have a Lois Lane / Clark Kent / Superman love thingy with Lex Luthor as the only bad guy?!


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