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J.J. Abrams talks Star Trek

JJAbrams.jpgJ.J. Abrams has spoken about his new Star Trek movie, and there's not much to learn. Although he does mention the Kirk and Spock issue, he's keeping his script close to his chest.

From Empire Magazine through TV.com:

"We've made a pact not to discuss any specifics...Star Trek is something I grew up with and love."

He does say that he's a big fan, and that he's certain to be loyal to the fan base since his shows have followed that trend and stayed true to the original idea throughout the series...mostly. However, this might split the Star Trek community in half, but he's not watched anything for some time now:

"To be totally honest with you...I haven't even seen [the most recent Star Trek film], Nemesis," laughs Abrams. "I feel like the series disconnected for me at a certain period, and though I will have to watch and see everything that was done, I want to see what not to do as much as anything."

There's no word on what that period might be when he disconnected, and that in itself could tell us lots. Did he quite with Deep Space Nine or Voyager, Enterpise? Whichever it was might tell you what he loved about the series.

"Those characters are so spectacular. I just think that...you know, they could live again."

Is what he specifically said about the Kirk and Spock characters after saying that he won't be doing a film around the early adventures of these two. Still, he leaves a little door open...



If Abrams can do for Star Trek what he did for Mission Impossible, we can be excited. Nemesis, by the way, was a very good movie. His fate was to coincide with the Star Wars / Lord of the Rings / Matrix hype.

Hey you, trekkie! ;-)

Mr. Abrams, the next feature film should continue Enterprise and center around the Romulan Wars.

Speaking as a 34 year old trekkie, I liked Nemisis too. However, it was a good movie, not a great movie, and I think that is the problem. Nemisis would have been a great movie, if the previous movies did not exist. I say that, because Nemisis appeared to be a compilation of the best ideas of all the previous movies, and a bit from some of the books. Everything was cool, but everything was a redo as well, particularly for the fans that have not only seen all the various series, but also all the movies, and a variety of the books. It was still a good movie, but not groundbreaking. I bought it though, worth owning.

What Star Trek needs, is groundbreaking. A new, groundbreaking story line. Something that really makes us say, Wow!, not, "Oh, it's the Borg again, or the Klingons, or another friggin spacial anomoly". These topics aren't bad, but we need a break from them. We need something really new. Not just great special effects, or a story including all of Treks most popular themes, such as I saw Nemisis as being. I don't claim to have the magic answer to this, but perhaps a new director will bring something new to the table.

You know what though Brady, you do have the answers. It's the fans of the series that should be listened to for what they want to see, what they want to pay to see.

With this film they should do what Enterprise didn't: go back to the look and feel of pre-Kirk Trek (clumsy uniforms and props and all, but a little modernized) and show what DIDN'T work, and what did. Dangerous spacewalks, manifolds and bolts and wires practically flying off in battle, real characters put in jeopardy...all in Imax.

I was emailing William Shatner for years with an idea for a "Wrath of Kahn II" movie. All they had to do was have a Klingon fleet warp back in time to obtain the genesis and Kahn and warp back into future, and the whole story would unfold. Spock can explain away Kirk's death somehow.

I am very curious about that. Did Shatner ever reply?


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