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John Fusco writes The Seven Samurai remake

TheSevenSamurai.jpgThe Seven Samurai remake has gained a writer, John Fusco whose writing credits include Hidalgo, Loch Ness, The Babe, Thunderheart and Young Guns...a fair mixed bag indeed.

According to Variety through Coming Soon, he's the writer onboard.

He certainly has a lot to live up to, and does his career to date tell us that he can deliver such an epic film?



Wait till Morbius finds out about this!

About what? Didn't we discuss this last week?

Oh I see, this ANOTHER remake again!


ANOTHER remake again.

I think it's more to draw on who the writer is going to be and his pedigree, it gives us a strong guide as to how the fiilm will turn out.

We could summise that this will be a western interpretation, and then it's up to you how you judge it will turn out from his previous writing credits...

Hidalgo, Loch Ness, The Babe, Thunderheart and Young Guns...

WOW... Kurosawa, tremble and bow towards the writer of these masterpieces!

One misses people like Ben Hecht, Robert Bolt, or Herman Mankiewicz.

... One should note this movie has been re-made in the west several times already; just they had enough respect to not use the title and link it to Kurosawa.

Anyone remember Battle Beyond the Stars with Richard Thomas, Robert Vaughn, John Saxon and George Peppard?

... And of course it was re-made as the much loved The Magnificent Seven. I'm pretty sure there are some others as well, but it's too hot to think.

I don't mind the re-makes like The Magnificent Seven and Battle Beyond the Stars as much as re-cent remakes as they did not cache in on the films title and brought a new setting to the films. I have a lot more time for re-makes that attempt something new than the recent spate of remakes that seem to exist only as a cash-in on someone else’s creativity.

One of my favourite re-makes is Fistful of Dollars where you get Sergio Leone re-making Yojimbo (another Kurosawa film which as been re-made in the west more than once "last Man standing”, "The Warrior and the Sorceress" and others).

And let’s not forget that in the case of Kurosawa, he himself often borrowed from the west, his Samurai movies where very much inspired by westerns and he often used Shakespeare for his plotting. So in this case in some ways you can't get too mad if the west borrows back ... even though it’s almost certain this new re-make will be nonsense.

Well there's a gulf between remakes and inspiration, and the point here being that the whole film is being sold on the word remake, not revisualisation, reimagining or inspired by, but remake.

I agree though, if the story is different enough and there's a new take on it, then it might be worthwhile seeing. However we've not been sold it that way yet, I hope that is what we're going to receive, but in the meantime we can but worry.

Oh, and I think we have every right to be mad. The audience don't agree to movies, we just get them thrust upon us and good or bad that's what we get. So just because we've been given a version in the past doesn't mean we can't voice our opinions in the future.

Oh I'm not for this idea at all Richard, I think this movie is a waste of time, as are 99% of remakes, I just get bored of opening up my feed reader and seeing variety reporting yet another remake. So I figured rather than my daily reaction of it’s a terrible idea, I would try and think of something more interesting to say. John Fusco strikes me as a terrible choice and the oh Ziyi Zhang is a popular Asian lets stick her in everything seems exceedingly lazy casting. I was just trying my best at a positive spin, to be honest I don't buy revisualisation and reimagining, its still a remake, what ever Rob Zombie say's.

I would love to get back to the days when US mainstream cinema was not cannibalising Asian film, TV shows and it's own classics, but they seem dead set on this course and how many times can you get mad? These days I’m just getting indifferent to these re-makes I doubt I will even see bother spending money watching most of them. This summer the only thing really drawing me to the Cinema is Pirates of the Caribbean 2 (An original movie), other than that I will stick with genre film and world cinema on DVD. For now Hollywood has lost my business (Not that they care). It’s a shame though because if they made original titles I and people like me might be drawn back to the cinema; but why would I want to see Battle Royale, Oldboy, Infernal affairs remakes when I have already seen those stories told on film recently, at best I might rent them, but I can’t even see myself doing that.

I get you Bullet, and it's a good thing to try and be positive about something rather than continuing a negative trend. Perhaps we should all try that some more, but I do find it difficult with, as you say, so many remakes out there.

I agree, one of the reasons Hollywood is losing their audience is because of remakes and sequels, and a distinct lack of new projects. There are a few that come out, but I think they've been heavily affected by the growing apathy towards cinema.

They need to make more use of new scripts and new talent. There are plenty of original ideas out there, and so little people in Hollywood willing to take chances.

The more the audience shrinks, the more they pull back and look to stock films, remakes and sequels.


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