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Kevin Bacon gets Death Sentence

KevinBacon.jpgKevin Bacon is one of my favourite actors, and he's just signed for another interesting movie entitled Death Sentence and directed by James Wan.

The story centers on a father (Bacon) out for revenge after his family is attacked in a heinous gang-initiation crime. The father enacts a death sentence on each person involved in the crime.

Ian Jeffers adapted the screenplay from Brian Garfield's novel. Garfield also wrote the novel "Death Wish," which spawned the vigilante franchise starring Charles Bronson.

Is the outline from The Hollywood Reporter through Coming Soon.

It does sound like the kind of big strong role that suits Bacon so well, and if angled with the emotional attachment of the family it looks to have more than just revenge to its tale. Either way I'll just be happy to see Bacon on screen again.



Bacon as a modern Bronson? Not bad indeed. Death Wish, ehr, Death Sentence it is!

Kevin Bacon is a sure bet. If only they had choosen him for A History of Violence instead of the bland, not believable Viggo.

I adore Kevin Bacon, especially when he plays a darker character. I revisited an old movie of his this passed weekend "White Water Summer". Sure it's a bit cheesy, but it's the first movie I remember watching him play a bad character.

I havent seen that one actually. My all-time favorite Kevin Bacon role will have to be Valentine in "Tremors". I just love him in that movie!

I was a extra on the set of this movie! Kevin bacon a sure winner !
A must see for all !

antonio sherman

This film is set to be release sometime in September the latest word that I personally got from th movie AMC here in Columbia,south carolina where it was filmed at. So fellew bacon fans that's the latest I have. If there's others please let us know.
Thank you,

Thanks for sharing Antonio. ;)

This movie will give kevin his death sentence for his career , the worst movie and script I have ever seen , you should have watched before the release , this will be the defining moment in Kevin;s career , he will look back and ask himself what was I thinking , never again will I spend my good money on Kevin's name again . Please refund my 30.00 dollars if you have any backbone at all.Joel


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